Saturday, July 30, 2016

Scum and Scummer


Do not deny it.  The majority of Americans even marginally interested in politics were rooting against a Trump and Clinton general election.  Some may be resigned to politics as usual, but this is far worse.  These two are likely the least deserving or capable of serving as President and Commander in Chief.

We could go into their many shortcomings and long winds as has been done to death.  Here is a different slant:  I am offended that such egotistical elitist punks feel entitled to the most powerful office in the world by self promotion and proclamation.  Who died and left them boss? 

So why, to the disgust of many did these two dangerous corporate cons get the go and who is responsible.  The causation lies with two archaic parties who need to become extinct as Tyrannosaurus Rex (no offence to this noble creature.)  While we are at it, we need to get rid of legislative whores who represent corporations for bribes rather than the people who elected them.  Is jail appropriate for bribe taking?

The Democrats need to reveal without deception their conservative cadence.

A third progressive party needs to be consolidated.  That is where Bernie’s Political Revolution, the Greens, and any truly liberal Democrats and Independents come in.  We will all feel the Bern again and sooner than we think.  Vermonters have learned never count Bernie Sanders out.  His message is in his genes.  He could not stop if he wanted to which he does not now or ever despite his apparent endorsement.  He wants to beat Trump, who can blame him for those sentiments?

The Republicans need to go away.  Their nomination of Trump and rush to his sleazy side is their swan song.  These operatives and religious nuts are paranoid to the point of psychosis, candidates for strait jackets.  Beginning with Reagan, these control freaks devolved into the Tea Party who hate everybody and any idea that emanates elsewhere.  

They crossed the line of dirty politics into plain old insanity.  There is nothing new in the political world.

It’s the Parties.  They do not care a hoot about the quality of their candidates.  The Democrats cheated and chaffed Bernie in order to keep a lame promise to Hillary made in 2008; she is less relevant now than then when an obscure Senator put her in her place.  Between her and Bernie, she is the lesser candidate.  The party’s choice over the popular and qualified Sanders could lead to a Trump White House.  Imagine that.  We may live to be sliced to bits by the falling glass ceiling.

The Republicans disdained and dismissed Trump while one by one being humiliated and dropping out.  When the grim truth was no longer avoidable, they flocked to their nemesis like moths to a light.  These guys will jump on any band wagon they think will carry them to victory.  Problem is the driver is a megalomaniac among other horrible traits too numerous and too well known to dwell on here.

Our conscience dictates that we vote for neither anointed one and cast one for Jill Stein or whichever progressive gets on the most state ballots.  Right now, the Greens are getting closer than anyone else.  Perhaps it is time to start the Political Revolution right now.  Why wait?  Corporate capitalist America has crushed the American people long enough.  The time for major structural change is now.  One certainty is that the conservative Democrats and nutcase Republicans will fight the bad fight to prevent that from happening.

We need to ignite the embers in order to delight in our progress.  The Bern still feels us.  Those who deny Bernie do so at their own peril.  I Feel the Bern.  Do you?

Alone With My Indecision

I feel stranded on a planet of indecision.

Hillary was dead to begin with.  She was dead on arrival to the convention.  I’ll give her this:  she delivered an inspiring speech with cutaways to the beaming Bill vicariously reliving his glory days.  Problem is there is a striking lack of veracity in her progressive pretending.  I give her a 10% or less chance for having been honest.  People laughed and applauded on cue, but it rang hollow.  Why do people cheer a cunning collusion with corporations.

Trump presided over a fear and loathing convention.  It will be a long and horrid road to “Make America Great Again.”  My suggestion:  get out of the race and take your billionaire corporate life sucking bunds with you.  This guy scares me and I am not ashamed to admit it.  He believes he is the only savior capable of saving our crippled nation. A racist fascist blowhard, he has plenty of Republican operatives lusting to bring about the foul winds of change Trump style.  He is selling us a dark vision, one assured to turn into a black hole.  The last person to gaze into Putin’s eyes and find a good and decent man was the great and wonderful George W. Bush.  What a fine example to follow.

Then there is Jill Stein, a fair and honest woman with values close to those of the Sanders Political Revolution.  I can envision the Greens and Political Revolutionaries banding together in a third party when this current malicious nonsense is over.  Problem is can she win?   It would be as joyful as it is unlikely.

I want more than everything to vote my conscience.  Those who fear Trump are not just whistling Dixie.  They are not fear mongers duped by desperate deceitful Democrats.  This demagogue is destined to push us in a very destructive direction which, with Supreme Court nominees, would carry cursed conservatism for generations.  Corporate establishment Hillary is little or no better at best.

I have not yet decided how to vote.  I will vote no matter what ensues.  That is my right and responsibility.  For now I refuse to pour cold water on the Bern.  He got this movement going, bigger than anyone expected.  I suspect we have not heard the end of Bernie.  There are down ticket progressive candidates to support and Bernie has not ruled out another run.  

We have to continue to Feel the Bern for the movement.  Bernie would point out that no one man is as important as the process of great structural change.  Whether we like it or not we have to be steadfast and patient.

My vote will depend on events yet to happen.  It is not an easy decision.

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Wicked Trump

It makes me sad, but I have to agree with much that has been said here in the Bernie for President 2016 community. I too feel the disappointment and perceived betrayal. But is it really a betrayal?
Unfortunately few Bernie supporters have broached the subject of the nature of a Trump presidency. He would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices and we would never overturn Citizens United, the source of corrupt funding and legal bribery of crooked greedy legislators.
Trump is a racist fascist demagogue and megalomaniac. Reagan was the opening act, a dress rehearsal for Trump. Like Reagan, he will use ruthless and experienced Republican operatives to carry out his dark and hideous agenda.

That said, I dislike and dread Hillary almost as much as Trump. Only a nut like Trump could even make me consider a vote for the lying, expedient, corporate agent Clinton. If Hillary wants my vote, she can start by attempting to be a better person; this time making good on her promises.

I like Jill and her policies. I am with the Political Revolution and so is Bernie. We will see whether he still feels the Bern. I will not blame or disdain him after all the Berning I have done. Bernie thinks the best option for the progressive movement is keeping the wicked Trump out of the White House. Is he right or veering right?
What do you suppose Trump would do to us Revolutionaries?

I am still undecided and looking for answers.
The one thing I know for certain is that we have started an important movement and we must do that which will best carry the cause.
The Bern may now be embers, but you can be sure it will flame up again. The revolution is not about elections, it is about a process. It is not about a man but a movement.
Let's lick our wounds and Feel the Bern again.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Devil, the Liar and Me: Where Do We Go From Here: Part 2

This post script was a reply to a person whose conscience would not let her vote for either evil, Trump or Clinton.  She is supporting Jill Stein which shows solidarity with the Political Revolution. Corporate America must stop sucking the air out our lives and honor the needs of ordinary Americans.

I had the terrible experience of living through Reagan, a mild version of Trump who gathered political operatives to implement his dark vision. Trump will do the same and worse. It scares the hell out of me and I cannot relive that horror.

On the other hand, her words express my thoughts exactly. I have become fond of saying, "the lesser of two evils is still evil."  Trump and Hillary will both make us poorer and big capitalists richer. The misery index will soar either way. I want to vote for Jill Stein so that I am true to the Political Revolution rather than a choice of corporate agents. The time has come for a major structural shift, and those two would be leading us down a garden path with the wrong vector.

I live in Blue Vermont. If I were in a swing state, my decision would be drastically tougher. However the same principals apply.

A vote for Jill makes me feel good; the prospect of Trump scares bejeezus out of me.

I am leaning toward Jill but with fear and trepidation.

Who can argue with voting your conscience?

How could I possibly vote for either capitalist bund?

Third parties will siphon votes from the evil edifice which must be torn down.

Chill with Jill.

Trump is a racist, a hateful demagogue, a megalomaniac; he is unstable, unpredictable, thin skinned and mean.  He is a dreadful dangerous demon.  If I vote for a third party and this guy wins I may live to regret my own integrity. 

Am I eating sour grapes?   Do I feel the embers of the Bern?  I believe that a vote for Hillary is repugnant.  We are facing a horrible dilemma.  Which is worse:  the repugnant or the demon.  Either way, nothing good can come from this.

Conscience or caution:  which will prevail?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where Do We Go From Here?

What do we do now?

Bernie Sanders is a man of integrity and grace.  He is humble and respectful. Bernie accomplished a major coup; an American political heresy.  He awakened us to the dream of a fair and positive country and culture.  He sounded the urgent alarm on climate change.  He would have beaten Trump and become an outstanding President. His stature in the Senate will no doubt be much greater and he will be the inspiration and leader of the Political Revolution.  His place in history is assured.  And he is not done yet.

How disappointing that the two candidates who got nominated are so gross and disgusting.  Vladimir Putin is now the second most dangerous person in the world.

I used to think of Trump as somewhat funny:  an orangutan blowhard, buffoon carnival side show barker.  Then he nominated Mike Pence and the Republican Convention slithered onto TV.  Trump is the mongrel offspring of Hitler, Mussolini, and Beelzebub (and this from an atheist:  Corey Booker said that observing no religion was now permissible, thank you very much.)

A progressive platform is proffered by the Shill of Wall Street.  Even Bernie said this was the most progressive platform in Democratic history.  What about FDR and JFK? 

If she is running so progressively, why does she favor fracking, TPP, and Tim Kaine, a conservative.  

Even if the platform is progressive like Bernie says, who will hold her female feet to the fire if she is elected and basks with Bill in the unlimited power for which she has lusted so long.  Nobody will be able to hold her to her promises.  We all know how well she keeps promises.  They are kept only if it is expedient to her.  

So, what to do?  I have felt the Bern for 15 months now.  Never in my long life have I invested so much time, emotion, and devotion to a political cause.  I would hate to go against Bernie, but I am reluctant to vote for a person I consider to be immoral, in league with Wall Street and billionaire corporations, and so greedy for the Presidency to be willing to bend or break election rules.  A pants on fire Pinocchio In league with the DNC, she denied Bernie the election which he deserved to win and would have if the nominating process was fair and honest.  Bernie says the first step for the Political Revolution is defeating Trump.  Who could argue with that?

My heart says vote for Bernie anyway even if it is a write-in.  My brain says vote for Jill Stein.  The Green Party shares many of the same values as Bernie and the progressives.  They are on the ballot in most states.  My fear says hold my nose and vote for Hillary in order to stop the dreaded Trump.  What ever I do, my decision is faulty and unsatisfying.  Trump is really scary, he must never get to the Oval Office.

My anger and disappointment say do not vote at all.  That is not an option for me.

I repeat, what should we do?   I yearn for the Bern right now.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump Terrorism and Hillary Hype: Bernin' Down the House


Hillary will beat Trump without the help of Bernie Sanders supporters.

Why should the Political Revolution after being cheated in nominating conventions support the highness of hubris.  What incentive is there to support someone who lurches to the left calling herself a “practical progressive” and then helps construct the most conservative Democratic platform since Bill Clinton who posed as a liberal and became a surprise Republican, New Democrat and a Neo-liberal.  His shortcoming in terms of commander in chief is that the country did not engage in any protracted pugilism and now he has a chance to fulfill that dreadful fantasy.  Will he be the “first gentlemen” or washed up money sucking third term President?  We can speculate on that dilemma.

Why then would anyone vote for disreputable Hillary and sleazy Bill?  The answer to that question is the horror of Trump.  I admit to being na├»ve.  Until a several days ago, I thought of him as a baboon, baloney purveyor, buffoon barker with no serious ideas and no clue as to how to carry out his loony, lecherous, loathsome, lurid, asinine agenda.

Then the Trumpster named Mike Pence as his vice president, Bush/ Cheney style.  Compared to Pence, Trump is Abe Lincoln.  Pence does not believe in climate change, he does believe in conversion therapy for gays.  He is a poster boy for the religious right.

Contrary to Trump’s claim, the Governor of Indiana presided over the 23rd slowest economic growth in the country.  Trump has signaled that this more experienced politician will run foreign and domestic policy,  the nuts and bolts of administration while the Dumpster presides over ceremonial affairs, state dinners, and entertainment and parties.  Is that not what he is all about when you peer beyond the racism and clone like Mussolini resemblance, there is a preppy party boy not unlike W?

The “glass ceiling” was previously broken by eighty female leaders of nations.  We should also consider Cleopatra, Nefertiti, the many female Pharaohs and of course Queen Elizabeth the first.  The reason Americans will vote for the biggest corporate shill since Bill and before him Reagan is Trump terrorism.

Trump and Pence are scary.  Regardless what people say; in the voting booth the fear will grip them and they will vote for “crooked Hillary.”  Clinton's claim to the oval office is her gender and that she is not as bad as Trump. 

Talk about setting the bar low.

I will vote for Bernie Sanders or Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.  I hope and believe that most Political Revolutionaries will take the Bernie or Bust route.  We must not fall for the Hillary Hype.  If she is afraid of Trump, then the DNC should nominate a Democrat who could devastate the boisterous bum.  That candidate is Bernie Sanders.  However the DNC is busy suppressing Bernie, breaking glass ceilings, and fulfilling eight year old promises, unrealistic now due to the corporate voracious pacmen who are devouring us all.

If you think Hillary will not reward those corporations and rich riffraff who funded her life and campaign, there is a straight jacket waiting for you.

Stay true to your conscience in support of progressive ideals and do not vote for the fungus or the tiger.  Both are the wrong people for the job.  I repeat, with his idiotic ideas and mean and horrible VP prick,  Trump will not make it.  No way!

Join me in voting your conscience.  Bernie was right all along:  we need change we can believe in.  Go to Philadelphia, make noise, and Bern down the house.  Make the biased DNC and super delegates “feel the bern.”

Lets win this one or at least build the foundation for Progressive candidates.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (With Apologies to Sergio Leone)


Here I go again and if you know me, you know how this one is going to turn out.  Bernie, of course is the Good.  He served 25 years in the Congress and Senate and his net worth including a modest home in Burlington is significantly less than a million bucks.

Contrast that with the 350 congressmen (including 70 Democrats) who voted with Big Pharma to not let Medicare negotiate the cost of drugs as every modern country does.  They donated 7.2 million to congressional campaigns which averages more than $23, 000 per friendly congressman.  You would think that if they spent less on bribing congressmen and were prevented from TV advertising they could lower the cost of drugs.  But for them it is out of the question. Along with bribes from Pharma, these greedy congressional hogs accept money from other wonderful industries including fossil fuel, Monsanto, the armaments industry, private health insurance companies, big banks and Wall Street.  No wonder billionaire corporations dominate this nation.
Shame, shame, shame!  It used to be called bribery and was punished by stiff jail sentences.  How did we become so corrupt?  The next time you are faced with buying questionable drugs or bankrupting yourself, remember that Big Pharma pays the biggest bribes of any of these crooked payoff donors to our legislature.  Our elected officials are supposed to be concerned with our welfare, not that of corporations.  Big Pharma and these other corporations simply have too much money.  And yet people continue to vote for prostitute representatives.  Perhaps they figure they are all on the take so what difference does it make.  Consider the Good, Bernie Sanders, and a few other Good men and women who have not gone over to the dark side.

I will spend less time on the bad and the ugly because they are repugnant and I do not care for or about them. 

The Bad is obviously billionaire Trump.  He incites anger in angry people.  He promises the world and delivers nothing.  How gullible are his supporters to believe he has their interest at heart.  What started as a joke for him has turned into a joke on the American people.  Trump has bad intent.  He raises hatred of minorities and like a magic man nothing he says (no matter how outrageous) seems to hurt his standings.  He supports more than walls, deportation, discrimination and scapegoating.  He thinks the minimum wage is too high and favors tax cuts for the richest of the rich.    Trump has made billions and pays little or nothing in taxes. No wonder he is secretive.  I repeat, this guy is bad.

Now at last we discuss the ugly.  By process of elimination we know ugly is hypocritical Hillary.  She speaks of helping the poor while taking bribes from every industry previously mentioned as well as private prisons which she and Bill helped to fill via the draconian crime bill of the 1990’s.  She too is secretive.  She will not clear the air about the speeches she made to big banks for big money and will not reveal the content of her lucrative talks.

Clinton and the DNC did not allow a fair nomination process for Bernie Sanders.  They disenfranchised voters, cheated at every caucus and primary, and deliberately miscounted votes always in their favor.  I will leave it to the lawyers and courts to reveal the details.  Can you say “election fraud?”

The mainstream media ignored the millions who were "feelin' the Bern."
Bernie was always the American people’s favorite and instead of the honest candidate who actually cares about the welfare of the common American, we get the Bad and the Ugly, the two most disgusting and distrusted candidates for President in history and worse yet running in the same election.

We all know that losing to Obama in 2008 she was promised by the party the position of Secretary of State and the nomination in 2016.  After all, someone had to crash the glass ceiling.  She is not shy about bragging about her dishonest apparent victory.  A woman was bound to win the office of President soon.  Why do we have to be stuck with the expedient ugly one?  Women of America, hold off before you rejoice and realize the mess we are likely to have if this corporate shill wins the Presidency.  She will not even make concessions to Progressives after billing herself as a “Practical Progressive.”

Just once it would be odd and wonderful if the Good came out on top of the Bad and the Ugly.  The disaster is on the shoulders of the corrupt Parties.  If Bernie does not win the Democratic nomination, we face the prospect of a Bad Republican vs. a de facto Ugly Republican.   Without Bernie, the billionaires and big corporations win.  Either way the Bad and the Ugly will be devastating to the American people.

Which is worse, the Bad or the Ugly?  It really does not matter.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sir Paul

Three days before "Yesterday" my wife and I went to Fenway Park not to see  the Red Sox but Sir Paul McCartney and band. 

I took a break from politics, despair, and disillusionment.  Those are my problems.

The election is however a problem shared by America and Bernie Sanders supporters in particular.  I have not been able to free my mind from this political conundrum for 15 months.  It truly has been a hell of a roller coaster ride.

That is where Sir Paul comes in.  He and his band played for three hours straight without a break.  Paul played bass, guitar and piano.  He performed some post fab four material.  He also performed a generous number of Beatles tunes.  My poor voice is hoarse from singing, I know every word of each Beatles song.  The performance and quality of music are exactly what one would expect from Paul McCartney.

This was the biggest musical event in my life since Woodstock some 47 years ago.  Sir Paul looks like he is in his forties and sings like a “Black Bird.”  His tireless energy reminded me of the driving force that is Bernie.  There were pyrotechnics, lasers, fireworks and lots of smoke.  Two giant screens revealed Paul and band members clearly for those like ourselves who were not close to the stage.  The acoustics were amazing, the sound really opened up where we were sitting in the grandstand.  It was the first time I ever saw a Beatle in person. 

The point here is that for three hours I took a vacation from my troubles and what a relief it was.  Sure the tickets were expensive, the ride was long, and the lines were even longer.  But it was totally worth it.

Listen to music, a live concert if possible.  Music can be more powerful than our constant mundane political battles.  It is so easy to become caught up in the arguing. Becoming immersed in Paul’s music blew away the politics.

The lesson, if there is one, is that there is great beauty in this world if we decide to seek and enjoy it.  I knew I needed something powerful enough to lift me out of my slump and inspire me in the most effective and amazing way.

Please smell the roses and listen to the music.  Sir Paul took me to a beautiful place and I will remember that concert long after elections are over.

Politics is important to me to be sure, but seeking out and savoring the rich and wonderful music lifted me to a cosmic place.  Often politics draws me into a comedic black hole, a singularity from which there is no escape.

I’d rather be cosmic than comic.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Fungus or the Tiger


Trump is the tiger:  big, scary, orange and dangerous.  The thing about a tiger, though, is that you can see him coming.  A target is provided.  One may flee from or fight the beast.  It has shape and form albeit dreadful and menacing. 

Hillary is the fungus.  Like the world’s largest living organism, a 2.4 mile long honey fungus residing beneath the Blue Mountains of Oregon,  Hillary is a shape shifter and impossible to pin down.  When you think you have dealt a death blow, the fungus simply regenerates the severed piece and carries on. 

The question is:  Which is more dangerous, the tiger or the fungus?  No one will dispute that a tiger is a serious beast.  I would not want to face one.
The problem with the fungus is that it is not possible to face it.  Though vast and inclusive, the fungus lays underground invisible for the most part. 

The tiger will attack viciously and tear you to shreds.  The fungus will eat slowly keeping the host alive enough to serve its requirements.

Which unpopular repugnant candidate will we get?  Take your pick, it really doesn’t matter. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

The End of Hope: Goodbye...

Looks like this is going to be my final blog post.

The news could not be worse:  Bernie is going to endorse the vile Hillary Clinton.

The buffoon or the battleaxe.  The tiger or the fungus.  Either way, we the people lose.

What do I do now?

Should I join the Trump for President campaign?  As an honest person with an aversion to racism and hatred, I have a hard time supporting this guy.

However, he is the best chance of stopping the Clintons from harming the country more than they have already done.  Just think about it:  a third term followed by a fourth followed by years of Neo Liberal domestic policy and Neo Conservative foreign policy.

We are doomed either way.  The billionaires are snorting coke and drinking champagne now in celebration.  Which ever way it turns out, they win.

Life is a gamble.  Four years of the unstable maniac or forever Clinton time.

Bernie could be the solution if people would lose their optical obstruction and start making sense. For once we had a candidate who could make a large positive contribution and we let him slip away.

This time we actually had a good and decent alternative but were too blind to see it. That is a shame.

The only person who can stop evil Hillary is Trump and he is a no good bastard.

I repeat, what do I do?

I honestly have no answer.  I will be truthful with my friends here:  I have considered suicide rather than face 50 or more years of Clinton and Clinton surrogate rule.  Whether Clinton or Trump wins we are going to be stuck with billionaire corporate rule that will make us more impoverished every day.

The way I see it, Trump would be a temporary inconvenience against whom we could mount a serious challenge in four years.

Clintons are eternal and inevitable.

Am I a voice in the wilderness?  Does anyone else feel as defeated and dejected as I do?

Bernie says he has gained concessions from Clinton on the platform.  If so, she will not live up to her promises as she never does.  How can a smart and experienced politician like Bernie be taken in by this crap?  I am not fooled.

If Elizabeth Warren was a disappointment, Bernie's finale is devastation.

I love Bernie and everything he has done, but even Bernie could not get me to support or vote for the queen bitch of the world.

I might not mind as much if she had won the nomination fair and square.  I could stand it if she were really a Democrat.   As it is, we have two philosophical Republicans running for President.
That leaves me absolutely no choice.

So, I say farewell to my friends and Bernie supporters, to the campaign, and to hope.  I am too old to ever see freedom and justice in America while I am still alive.

Defeated and disheartened we were so close.  If Hillary gets in, it is all over for us for a generation at least.  My kids may never know freedom or justice unless they move to Canada which, thank goodness, one of them is going to do.

My beloved younger daughter figures I will be a refugee at her doorstep some day.  If I live so long, she is probably right.

My wife says there is nothing I can do and she is also right, short of joining the Trump campaign.  As a person of Jewish origin, how can I support someone who scapegoats, mocks, and persecutes people?

Goodbye friends, goodbye Bernie, goodbye hope and promise.

For those who remain, good luck.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for somebody.  I honestly do not know for whom.

I regret being so grim, but that is all I have today.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Marvin the Martian

What would Marvin the Martian think about our electoral customs and rituals?

Might he conclude that United States people are illogical, cantankerous, and gullible?  Or would he think it was business as usual.  Is it business as usual?

He would see a good man being adored by the masses and defiled by his competitors.  He would observe an honest unpretentious man trying to help the disadvantaged in a greedy selfish nation, and world.  The Martian would witness an inspirational individual urgently warning about an ailing world and the need to use clean energy and innovation.
He would probably hear before see the strident agitating nasty fellow haranguing a small mob.  It might remind Marvin of the early radio signals from this strange and lovely world.  The ugly harangue was happening even then.  He might speculate that this guy is bad news at best.  If Marvin is empathetic he might fear for the American people as well as the entire Orb.

And then he would see a laughing lady exciting small gatherings, chatting, one of the folks.  He would hear her speak with force warning of dire consequences if either of her rivals grabbed what she had desperately wanted.  The cries of the old and young, sick and homeless, poor and miserable would be absent, a sad silence.  If he cared to listen closely Marvin could detect a sly cunning lady who would offer a bit and deliver the bite.

I think he might scratch that cute big head and realize the equation was complex and convoluted.  It would not make sense in any universe.

A good man, a bad man, and an ugly lady.  These people must be Looney Tunes.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


To tell you the truth, there is not too much to write about lately.  Not to mention I have been somewhat out of touch due to a broken computer and the need to get away from politics for a little while.

I know that Bill and Loretta had an airplane meeting about grandchildren and the next day the FBI announced they were not bringing criminal charges on Secretary Clinton.  Funny how these coincidences coincidentally pop up at convenient times.  Some people are just lucky, I guess.
Also, I know that James Comey indicted Clinton in the court of public opinion.  He pointed out many faults and potential dangers she allowed, her inconsistent stories, and questionable judgment.  He either did not have enough to proffer criminal charges or he was hearing voices from above.

Whatever the case, the old Shillver is tarnished even more and is looking less Presidential every day.

Furthermore the State Department almost immediately restarted its own investigation, the findings of which have not been happy for HRC (Her Royal Cheerless) so far.  Another  coincidence?  There are state Department career people who resent their information being treated so free and loosely.  It put some of these people in potential danger and jeopardized covet investigations and deals.  They are not happy and Bill Clinton has got no goods on them.  We hope.

And then there‘s Trump.  Yes, Trump.  Remember him?  I doubt he will let “Crooked Hillary” off the hook on this one.  He is just not a gentleman like Bernie Sanders.  You can’t blame Trump.  That is his shtick and he has not done too badly with it so far.  Trump is like a black hole:  criticism, if it gets beyond the event horizon, is not going anywhere but to a cosmic singularity.  You just can’t get to the guy.  Moreover, as we have seen, Trump has the knack of getting under people’s skin.  Hillary has thin skin to go with her thick skull.  I am surprised she wasn’t cut to pieces breaking the glass ceiling.

Trump could not get under Bernie’s skin.  He has tried but it did not work.  Bernie is just too honest and forthright.  He is the real deal and leaves no room for the Trump torment temptation.  The Democrats have got to take the blinders out of their eyes and think about winning the White House if they are sincere about preventing potential President Trump.  The polls continue to show Bernie the candidate to beat in a Sanders vs. Trump race.  Sanders is the only candidate with positive approval ratings.  Unlike Hillary or Donald, people genuinely like Bernie.  Even those who disagree with his positions give him credit for honesty and authenticity.  Who believes that the two paragons of venality are virtuous?

Demographically speaking and with independents able to vote, there is no way the unsullied people’s champion would lose to the barking buffoon.  Ironically, super delegates were instituted to make sure the party runs the most electable candidate, not to fulfill the egotistical expectations of a former First Lady, an unproductive senator, and a disastrous, secretive, and self serving Secretary of State.   Why is the Democratic Party drafting so conservative a platform?  A platform built with old wood is bound to collapse.

I have just heard that the Green Party has offered Bernie the top spot on their Presidential ticket.  The best bet for Bernie and the nation would be for him to run as a Democrat and Hillary to just go away.  A new broom sweeps clean as they used to say.  And we have a big pile of swill to get rid of.

Far be it from him to disturb the DNC, Hillary Clinton or the media, Bernie announced that he is not conceding and still very much in the running for the nomination.  I think he can do it.   Never underestimate Bernie Sanders, do not count him out, and don't be shocked by surprises.

I have done some reflecting.  Without election chicanery, Bernie could have won the battle of delegates.  As it is, Clinton will come into a contested convention short of the necessary delegates.  Hillary’s taintedness, lack of an appealing candidacy, unpopularity and susceptibility to the taunts of Trump (who would have more material than Bill Maher and Steven Colbert against the deviant diva) must have Trump rooting for Hillary.  Bernie would beat Trump on the campaign trail and obliterate him in debates.   Isn’t it high time for good to triumph of evil?  I am ready and there may not be a better chance in my puny insignificant lifetime.  If we do not elect Sanders or someone with similar beliefs and the same firebrand commitment soon, we are doomed.

So, whether as a Democrat (the better option,) or as a third party candidate the people need Bernie Sanders in the general election.  It is the time for idealism in America and this time the climate is ripe to give us dreamers a shot.  The establishment might be surprised by how well we handle the gravitas. 

I choose to cast my vote for truth over coincidence.

It is hard to believe Sanders and the Political Revolution would do worse that anybody in the last 40 years.  Feel the Bern and stay hot.  The fat lady has yet to sing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Shill and Dumpy Will Bleed us Dry: Why the Clintons Must be Stopped.

I think that the Clintons are stoking the fires of fear about Trump.

I do not like Trump. I will not vote for him. However, I can't help but think that on election night I will be hoping Hellery loses. Bernie's political revolution will stand the best chance if Trump is elected because Bernie could run as a Democrat in 2020 and, as you know, he would win.

Both the tiger and the fungus have no idea how the regular people live nor do they care. I believe conditions will get worse under either one.

I do believe that $hillary is more militaristic than Dumpy.  Even the Dump as a private citizen opposed the war in Iraq and is less bloodthirsty than the Shill who has a score to settle in the Middle East. 

Make no mistake, Trump is a bad guy and a would be demagogue.  However, the Clinton dynasty must be stopped before they recruit younger neo liberals and make our children bleed for the next generations. Republicans and "practical progressives" are the same thing with different titles and slightly different tactics. The Republicans are mean and strident. Democrats pretend to be our friend but they too are strident. The smirking Clintons are more dangerous than the haranguing Trump.

The ultimate goal of both parties is too repeal any social benefits, exacerbate poverty, increase control, and push more wealth to the wealthy. The Shill may try to pawn off Elizabeth Warren, a liberal who I liked and supported. on Bernie supporters. She has gone over to the wealthy person lobby. There is no way that $hillary would allow her to implement financial reforms for the consumer and the economy, if in fact she was ever sincere. I am beginning to doubt she was a true progressive in the first place. She did not endorse or rally for Bernie.

Trump will have his hands tied by congress, the military, the covert agencies, and common sense. He will get into twitter fights with low ranking politicians and the media. He is not smart enough to initiate programs that have any chance of passing. He gets people worked up but then backs away from his most extreme positions. The mainstream Republicans (an endangered species) were more than eager to jump on the Trump bandwagon. That is not because they like his positions that is because they will do anything to grab more power.

This year we had our best chance to end the Clinton rule with the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.  He is clearly the most popular candidate and the one who would bring relief to the American people.  But $hillary was promised the nomination in 2008 for 2016 and she needed to break the glass ceiling for the benefit of all the women lacking benefits and working in Wal-Mart (she was on the board of directors from 1986 until 1992, McDonalds and other cheapskate companies.  The glass ceiling will not raise pay or make affordable day care a reality.  It will not help women or men get a college education without mortgaging their life away and then not getting jobs commensurate with their level of education.  The wanna be first woman President will not fight big Pharma and will not address climate change.  She will not improve health care by cracking down on private insurance and big Pharma, the two biggest cost factors that make health care in the USA the most expensive in the world.  Her “status quo” will not help women or men or children or senior citizens, female or male.

Four years of Dumpy followed by a run by Bernie or a liberal, progressive firebrand (yet to emerge) could enable political revolutionaries to capture the White House easily and voter demographics support that assertion.  Two more Clinton terms will ruin us.  Don’t the rich elites have enough advocates already?  The Clintons are not even pretending to support liberal planks in the platform yet they expect support from the very people who they cheated, misrepresented, allowed almost no media coverage and will screw at the convention.
I for one do not buy into the boogie man theory.

Either the Shill or the Dumpster will be a disaster.  I happen to think she would do more harm than old Dumpy. 
I will not be disenfranchised.  I intend to vote for Bernie or perhaps Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.  Hopefully enough people will vote for third party candidates to and turnout will be historically low that the election is thrown into Congress.  At least it would be a protest by the American voters against cramming such distasteful, unqualified, dishonest candidates down our throats.  I have a very sore throat.

Vote for down ticket progressives and liberals in elections from local to national.  That is the only good option as I see it.

Vote your heart, not your fear.  We may have to wait a bit, but we will prevail if we do not quit.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On the Menu: Your Choice of Dung

What is worse: four years of Trump or fifty or more years of being bled dry by the "practical progressives" or neo liberals whichever term works. Do not be fooled, the Clintons are dictators with a soft spoken veneer, but dictators nonetheless. Imagine Bill impeached Clinton with a third and fourth term. He is no FDR. In fact, he tried to undo as much of the New Deal as possible. Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan ruined the middle class and brought incredible misery to the rest of us.
Voting for Trump or Clintons is like going into a restaurant and being offered elephant and donkey dung and nothing else. I would walk out and look for greener pastures,dung free hopefully hopefully.

We deserve better.