Thursday, June 30, 2016

Important Banking Information From Bernie Sanders

Zombie Banksters

Today I am going to post a letter that was written to me by Bernie's Senate office in answer to a question I had about the safety of bank deposits in to big to fail banks and the FDIC.

His answer was specific to my question, informative and detailed.  I post it here in its entirety:

Dear Mr. Wolf:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the impact of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act on Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured accounts. You will be pleased to know that this important new law does not put your put your savings in FDIC accounts at increased risk.  In fact, the FDIC, which is an independent agency of the U.S. government, exists solely to protect you against the loss of your deposits if an FDIC-insured bank or savings association fails.  Moreover, FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

As you mentioned, Dodd-Frank made multiple reforms to make FDIC insured accounts more secure. In the event of a bank failure, the FDIC ensures that depositors receive the full value of their deposits – including principal deposits plus accrued interest – up to the insurance limit.  The Dodd-Frank Act permanently expanded the deposit insurance limit from $100,000 per account to $250,000, providing additional protection for consumers.  The FDIC also assumes the task of selling/collecting the assets of the failed bank and settling its debts, including claims for deposits in excess of the insured limit.  Thus, in some cases it is possible to receive more than the insurance limit of $250,000.

The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act made many other changes to strengthen the FDIC, a complete list of which can be found here

Despite these new protections, there is still work to be done to stabilize the banking system and to make sure it meets the needs of ordinary working Americans and retirees. Today, the six largest financial institutions have assets equal to nearly 60 percent of our country's entire GDP. They handle two-thirds of all credit card purchases, control one-third of all mortgages, and hold nearly 50 percent of all bank deposits. Incredibly, the biggest banks are 80 percent larger than they were one year before the financial crisis. These banks wield a tremendous amount of power over working and middle class Americans through their control of credit interest rates and through new fees on debit card purchases.  It's clear that we need to reform the banking industry.  There are a number of commonsense ways to do this.

It is my opinion that if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. It is time to take a page from Teddy Roosevelt and break up these behemoths so that their failure will no longer lead to economic catastrophe and so that we can create competition in our financial system. On May 6, 2015, I introduced the Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act, which would break up these behemoth banks.  This legislation would give the Treasury Department 90 days to identify which commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds and insurance companies pose structural risk to the economy, and then would require the Treasury to break-up those banks within a year. 

Clearly, Congress must act aggressively to make the financial industry pay attention to the needs and concerns of working American families and small businesses, and to eliminate the recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street that drove this country into the worst recession since the 1930s.

Thank you again for contacting me, and please feel free to stay in touch about this or any other subject of interest to you.  For up-to-date information on what I am working on, please sign-up for my e-newsletter, the Bernie Buzz, at
United States Senator

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why is That Man Afraid of Mice? Because His Father Was a Rat. Lessons From Brexit


Now that Brexit is an unfortunate reality, what does this mean for our Presidential
election or we may face an unexpected and undesirable election result.

If the election is held between establishment Hillary Clinton and the loathsome Donald Trump, It could mean that perceived outsider Trump, rat that he is, could win.  The British vote was forced in part by extreme right and left wing bigots who wanted to keep immigrants out.  The unexpected voter result illustrates the disgust people have in uncaring ineffective same old baloney politicians.  It was a revolt against establishment elitists, so that other rat, Hillary Clinton, ought to take heed.  In her hubris, she will not.  The Democrats resist waking up and nominating Bernie, the one candidate who can beat Trump. To those who voted for Brexit for financial considerations,  the effects have echoed in a major way spilling over to other economies in our multinational world.  So far, it has not been favorable for anyone.

Trump was in Scotland inspecting a Trump golf course when the Brexit vote occurred.  True to form, Trump praised the vote and praised Scotland for getting out of the European Union.  Ironically, Scotland voted in favor of remaining in the EU and is now looking for a way to stay in without the rest of Great Britain.  Once again the self proclaimed Smart Guy had his facts wrong.

How, you ask, does all that relate to the Presidential election?  It may foreshadow the outcome if Trump runs against Clinton.  The Brexit vote illustrates how an extreme minority can shake things up in a civilized nation.   People are sick and tired of the status quo and are looking for an outside the box candidate.  That would be Trump who belongs in a box.  

This is where Bernie comes in.  Although he has served it the Congress and Senate for twenty-five years, he is thought of as an outsider for his Progressive views and policies.  The people have had enough of the status quo i.e.:  Hillary Clinton.  Bernie, like Trump, represents significant change, not incremental.  The status quo has left us broke and with the most expensive health care on earth.  Millions are uninsured or under insured.  We are one of the most militant countries in the world when we cannot afford to fix our own infrastructure.  And by the way it fuels the fires of religious extremism and threatens homeland security.  Only Bernie is prepared to take on the urgent challenge of climate change. The status quo has left millions of students harnessed by the reins of massive debt and often little use for their degrees in terms of good jobs.  Why do we have to put our young people with the initiative and ability to get a higher education behind the eight ball?  The status quo and incremental change are getting us nowhere and the gap between rich and poor grows every day. 

Why do we have poverty and homelessness in the wealthiest country in the world?

It is clear people are frustrated and feel left out of the process.  Trump has appeal to those people.  So does Bernie.  Trump does it with hate and inciting anger and racism.  According to him it is the fault of Mexicans, not billionaires that our economy has left out the average worker according to Donald.  The difference in candidates is that Bernie appeals with love and good will.  He has presented viable plans for single payer health care, a fifteen buck minimum wage, a peaceful diplomatic shift in foreign policy while maintaining a strong national defense.  Only Bernie is prepared to take on the compelling threat of fighting climate change.  Clearly, Bernie satisfies the need for structural change in a positive way.  Trump rubs salt in the wounds of working class people by stoking the fires of racism with false American values. 

Clinton will not satisfy voters.  She offers nothing but perhaps a more militant America.  At least Obama tried to stop the billionaire onslaught while Clinton is the billionaire's best booster.  Conditions under Clinton are bound to become worse.

The Democrats need to nominate Bernie.   He has all the ingredients to mount a winning campaign against Trump.  Bernie offers change but in a positive and honest way.  Trump is a liar; Bernie is honest and positive even when going negative would help his candidacy.

People want change and want it in a hurry.  If Bernie does not run, they may vote for Trump in larger numbers than we expect.  That is the lesson of Brexit.  The British did not expect it to pass.  We do not expect Trump to be elected President.   We should not be so sure of ourselves.

We need Bernie to run, if not as a Democrat than as a Green or Independent.  We cannot allow hate and fear of Trump to leave us with the two most unpopular candidates in modern history.   Bernie offers the hope for transition and correction.  He is clearly the only candidate who is trusted and has positive approval ratings.  Moreover he offers a life with dignity and a revival of the middle class.  Neither billionaire bund cares crumb about regular people though they pretend they do.

Bernie can win and spare us the nightmare of Trump and the drag on misery of Clinton.  He is the outsider with old and new ideas stemming from Franklin Roosevelt’s economic bill or rights as set forth in 1944.  To that he adds the case for urgent action on Climate Change.  Our lives and the lives of our descendents literally depend on it.

I implore us:  do the right thing and vote Bernie Sanders.  Even a write in will advocate for our cause if that is the best we can do.  The important takeaway from all this palaver is that Bernie can win if we continue to campaign as we have been.

Stay steady, Bernie or Bust is the way.  Vote your heart, not your fear.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Involuntary Transparency: We Do Not Deserve to be Slapped in the Face



Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton agree on one thing:  Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States.  That is the same as saying cancer and tuberculosis are bad for us.  It’s a no brainer.  The only people who support the evil menace are hateful racist leaning pathetic souls who want to blame the government for their problems.  Furthermore, Hispanics, Muslims, blacks and women are on his excrement list.

People tend to vote against their self interest.  Many are convinced that the government rather than the multinational corporations is causing their poverty and misery.   Why would a billionaire buffoon actually help them?  That which billionaire Trump really cares about is other billionaires, yet he has convinced millions that he cares and intends to improve their well being.

That is where Clinton comes in.  I will give her credit for not having a manure list except for liberals and progressives like Bernie and the political revolution.  Like Trump, she only cares about billionaires and has disdain and contempt for the rest of us.  Witness her disingenuous smirk.

Beyond her smarmy smirk, she shows her true ugly colors in the Democratic platform.  It could have been written by Republicans.  She has broken every half hearted promise on the campaign trail and in debates when she pivoted left to try to neutralize the Bern.  When Bernie became a serious threat to her inevitable glass ceiling breaking ordained since her loss in 2008 nomination, she and Bill began to feel the Burn.  It ought to be proved eventually that the DNC and the Clintons rigged the primaries like they rig the economy.  She did not accumulate delegates, pledged or otherwise, for her positions or judgment.  In actuality, without the cheating and election fraud she would not be writing the platform.  “Bernie beats Trump” would be the headline.  And isn’t that what we all want?

We have known Hillary so long that her deceiving nature has come to be expected.  Lies are the new normal.  She is transparent, not that she wants to be, but her moves have become eminently predictable unfortunately.  She is afflicted with involuntary transparency. 

Bernie withheld his endorsement and is going to the convention to try to make it a contested process.  He expects concessions from the DNC and Clinton in return for his endorsement.  He has already said that it is up to Clinton to convince his supporters.  So far she is doing a piddle poor job.  The party opposes Bernie by cheating, cheap shots, and all manner of fraud, legal and otherwise.  Nothing is more important to her than the power of the Presidency and she will never stop grasping to grab the prize to which she feels so entitled.  If she thinks that offering the traitorous Elizabeth Warren the VP or another administration prize will appease us, she’s got another thing coming.  What is in the platform for Bernie and for us:  absolutely nothing. 

She balked on single payer, carbon tax, fifteen buck minimum wage, the end of the occupation of the Palestinian territory, and now supports the TPP disastrous trade deal which will kill more jobs, and fracking.  Sounds Republican to me.  What seems to be lost in the boogie man fear is that Hillary is closer to Donald than she is to Bernie.  Like the Trumpster, she gears her policies to the benefit of corporations and bankers.  She does not have the racist part of his package, but that is her only advantage.  Life under either Clinton or Trump will be a continuation or worsening of the nightmare that the rich have visited upon the rest of America.  Billionaires are poverty creators and it works to discourage and defeat people.

Since Bernie was cheated out of the nomination, and since Hillary will not budge an inch on the platform, what does she offer for his endorsement?  Again the answer is absolutely nothing.  Why is she so intractable?  She believes the political revolution, like lemmings, will follow her into a sea of despair.  She could not be more steeped in hubris.

We all know that Bernie dreads the thought of a President Trump as we all should.  Hillary thinks that fear and loathing of Trump will be enough for her.  That is why she ignores our issues and does exactly as she pleases.  Compromise is not her thing.

Here it comes:  we need Bernie to run as an Independent or a Green.  Too many of us will not be represented in the general election if the two evil money grubbing egotists are the only candidates.  We should do the math.  Without Bernie in the race, there is likely to be the lowest turnout as a percentage of eligible voters in history.  Who will represent liberals, progressives and independents?  Bernie can win in a three way race.

He needs to hit the campaign trail and do what he does best.  In a Federal election I would like to think that one party will not be able to practice election fraud on a massive scale.  You only have to be registered and there is plenty of time for that.  He wins an overwhelming majority of Independents.  Almost half of the Democratic voters support Bernie.  And, even though she is courting them, disaffected Republicans would go over to Bernie before the dreaded Hillary.  We have all come to know the real Clinton and it is not a pretty sight.  Even Republicans know that.

Bernie is a legitimate candidate.  He needs to run in the general election.  We have built up too much Bern to let it be smothered by the furtive fungus.  The orange Dumpster is a paper tiger.  With Bernie in the race the outcome will be Sanders, Clinton, and then Trump.  Bernie is clearly the only candidate that people like and trust.  It is absurd that the two deficient unfit candidates should run unopposed.  Bernie has every right and duty to run.

Perhaps his best bet is to run at the top of the Green Party ticket as he has been invited to do.  As I understand it, they are on the ballot in most if not all states.  The whole nation needs to Feel the Bern as we do.  This is perhaps our best chance for the White House ever.  Getting past Clinton in a national election will be much easier than in corrupt Democratville.

Run like a gazelle.  Feel the Bern.  Hillary offers nothing and does not deserve the nomination and certainly not the presidency.  Why is it out of order to desire a candidate who actually cares about helping people?  He should be the people’s candidate.  He already is.

Make a statement, stand up for our rights.  Bernie should persist and prevail.  He would serve the cause by not caving in out of dread of Trump and rejecting the drubbing we will get at the convention.  Vote for Sanders, vote your conscience and it will all work out.  If it does not, then at least we will sleep peacefully on election night.  Bernie or Bust!  There is no other viable way.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Queen of Evil: Broken Promises and Smirking Contempt. Peddling Fear


Don't Fear the Reaper. Bernie or Bust!I I find it impossible to support the Democratic platform or Madam Queen of Evil. The platform is her "tell."

The Democrats expect our votes out of fear of the boogie man. Maybe we fear and loathe the Shill Girl and her Democratic minions just as much as the Evil Orangutan.
Bernie said he would withhold endorsement of the Shill pending consideration of the Democratic platform. Like a slap in the face, the Democrats have adopted many Republican positions which Bernie fought against. These include no $15 minimum wage;
no single payer health insurance; no end to Palestinian occupation; yes to war in Syria; yes to fracking; and yes to trade deal TPP (which Clinton said she opposed during the primaries, another broken promise.) The crown princess of expediency has done it again.
I do not see how Bernie Sanders and we Berners can be expected to fall our swords and cave in to this donkey doo doo. DDD is the new BS.
In their glorious hubris Democrats believe the political revolution will rally to Hillary out of fear of the buffoon boogie man.

As much as I hate to think it, Trump may be the answer to ending the malevolent Clinton dynasty. That does not mean the Orange Dumpster has my vote any more than the Shill of Wall Street. Let the chips fall where they may: I will not vote out of fear. A vote for Clinton or Trump is a vote for a candidate without interest in bettering our lives. Who wants that?
There is an abundance of good reasons not to vote for either. Vote for Bernie instead.

Bernie will most likely rule out a third party run, though I would not close any doors yet. If he does, with nearly half of the Democrats and an overwhelming majority of independents, he just might win the general election. Let's hope Bernie feels the burn enough to run in the General Election. We need an advocate for our interests and I think he is the best candidate and he can win.

In the final analysis Bernie Sanders must make his decision. In any case he will continue to inspire and lead the Political Revolution. The Democrats and Republicans as we know and loathe them today are dead on arrival. Fear and loathing exists not only in Las Vegas.

For the rest of us, time is on our side. We will prevail if we do not give in to fear and we persist, persist, persist. Our Political Revolution is not going away and neither is our inspiration, President (Senator) Bernie Sanders. Stay steady for the revolution.

The Case For Bernie: A Cold Day in Vermont


Bernie Sanders has an unblemished record in over 30 years of public service including eight years as Mayor of Burlington, VT, our largest city.

In the congress and senate, he has made thousands of considered votes with impeccable judgement. Over that time, Bernie has voted unerringly on issues of foreign policy (2002 Iraq resolution) and trade legislation, usually in the minority.

History has proven Bernie's judgement right and Clinton's to be dead wrong.

Bernie is responsible for countless amendments to passed legislation. Working with Republicans including John McCain, Sanders passed the most extensive Veterans Bill in many years.

As a Vermonter, I can tell you that Bernie has worked tirelessly to secure benefits for his constituents and to promote business and jobs in the state. Not only has he been a consistent champion of the poor, the old, children and minorities for social and economic justice, he has served the state of Vermont with distinction. Bernie enjoys an approval rating of 87% among Vermonters, the people who know him best.

In the primary, Bernie won 100% of Vermont townships. 100%

Bernie has not given in. He knows that he is the Democrat best positioned to defeat Trump.

Bernie and the political revolution actually won the nomination but had it stolen through various forms of election fraud. Witness California, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona. Nevada and many other states. Millions of voters were dropped from the rolls, deceived by changing rules, and given worthless provisional ballots which were not counted.

Even if Bernie loses the nomination, he has not and will never give in.  In his political career of more than 30 years he has been advocating for the poor and middle class. Would he abandon his cause and the political revolution?

That will be a cold day in Hell. And Vermonters know more about cold than hell.

And by the way, not that there's anything wrong with it, unlike this high plains drifter Bernie does not smoke.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

What in the World?

Sixty-five million years ago a big rock the size of Mt. Everest slammed into what is now the Gulf of Mexico.  A cloud of water vapor, and dirt formed over the earth for at least two years causing perpetual winter.  Our friends the dinosaurs (don’t think Barney, think Cretaceous Park) could not survive the cold, or find food, or get into small places for cover.  So they died or grew feathers and evolved into birds.

Small furry creatures, the early mammals had it better.  With fur, they resisted the bitter cold.  They were able to dig into the ground for food sources, and they were tiny and fit into cozy nooks and crannies.  As we know, eventually the dust and debris settled down and the sun came back out.  However, the dinosaurs, chief predators and rodent eaters, were gone.  Over millions of years, the proto mammals grew larger and by and by came to dominate the earth.

Certain of these large mammals got smart and came down from the trees.  They began to  stand upright and to run, and run marathon style.  They learned to use tools and fashion weapons for hunting and killing each other.  Those who migrated North wrapped themselves in skins to ward off the cold.  Some even got religion and painted bison pictures in caves for good luck and to please the powers that be.  They loved, grieved, lusted, and fought.  These early people were not very different from ourselves.

Technology is the big difference.  Spears became arrows which became catapults, then guns and cannons, artillery, planes and bombs, and finally the nuclear bomb.  The Bomb. 

Scientists, philosophers, generals, politicians, and good citizens speculated on the outcome of a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR.  Scientists concluded that besides the blasts and fallout, dirt and debris would rise in the atmosphere blocking out the sun.  Sound familiar?  They called it nuclear winter.  We would be facing massive extinction once again, this time we will be the dying dinosaurs.

These days, Pakistan and India, two mortal enemies, have enough nuclear bombs to cause the dreaded nuclear winter.  Arms in the USA and Russia are increasing.  Religious fanatics are trying to buy or steal a bomb or dirty bomb.  And that strange anomaly in North Korea, Kim Jung Un, is doing who knows what.

If we manage to dodge the bomb, we are killing ourselves by burning fossil fuels.  Fire was invented a long time ago.  Solar is the new flame.  How about that:  if the bomb doesn’t get us, climate change will.

Into this lethal conundrum come the militant neo conservative Hillary Clinton and the orange maniac  Donald Trump.  Just imagine either with their finger on the button.  The thought is positively chilling.

Bernie Sanders, who believes in a strong national defense, is a man of peace in a warring world.  That is a daunting position, but Bernie thrives on challenges.  His challenge now is to win the nomination which he actually did win if not for election fraud.  If he does he will easily defeat the evil orangutan and we will finally end the malevolent Clinton dynasty.  If not, he will serve as inspiration for the Political Revolution which will go forth and win elections and eventually the White House.

If we live so long.  With either corrupt nutcase in the catbird seat, all bets are off.  That is the elephant (or donkey) in the room.  And the room is the world.  Who will get to the finish line first?  If it is not Bernie Sanders it seems to me that it does not matter much.  Stay steady.  Bernie or dust.




Third Party Run to Deny: 2 Monkeys


We have to run third party candidates, I hope Bernie is the

main one, in order to take away enough votes from the 

dreaded duo to throw the election to the Congress. I really do

not care which one of those grinning monkeys wins, it will be

worse for us either way. But by denying them votes, it will 

demonstrate that Americans will no longer support lesser of 

two evil Party wonks. Look where it has gotten us over the

last 36 to 40 years.

Any one want some more of that?



Friday, June 24, 2016

Independents Make Better Presidents; Eat the Oligarchy

Why do we elect deficient candidates over and over again when there are eligible non party wonks who are eminently more qualified to be President?

The answer is that the rich and powerful control both the Democrats and Republicans. They, and their corporate media, eat Independent candidates (and a Democratic Socialist) like evil voracious PACmen.  Somehow they stole not only elections but our nation from us and transformed democracy to oligarchy.

I once had a guy argue with me that there is no oligarchy.  I listed 20 reasons that we are indeed an oligarchy. The guy got annoyed and veered off the subject quickly.

I am 64 and I have waited for a candidate like Bernie Sanders for many election cycles. To top it off, he is Senator of my home Vermont and I have followed his consistent course for thirty years.  He is the real deal, you can count on it.  A whole lot of people concur. 

I think it is plain that the Democratic Party machinery was in the tank with Hillary and that the Bern was an inconvenient truth to them at best.  They would overcome the Political Revolution and do anything and everything to discredit and ignore this American phenomenon.  They used rules and other tactics: legal, gray area, and probably illegal.

Hillary will argue that we need to support her to defeat Trump.  The real reason is to preserve the current Democratic support of the corporate billionaires and to be the first woman President.  That does not cut it for me, especially with Bernie Sanders waiting in the wings.  As to Trump, Blue Oyster Cult said it first:  "Don't Fear The Reaper."  Good advice.

That is how a third Independent party gets the shaft.  That is why we get stuck with the same old dead enders: they are put up by the party.  Hillary has been around so long that she and Bill run the party.  It got away from them in 2008 so Hillary got Secretary of State and the nod for 2016.  Bernie and the movement got cheated every step of the way.

Trump is an experienced media manipulator and he used his shtick to rile people up. Donald gets people angry; an anger already boiling over in his supporters.  He incites agitation in a negative hateful way.  It is easy to tap into people's sore spots.

Rather than the Republican machine choosing him, they loathed then embraced him overnight.  You can count on the Republicans to jump on any bandwagon they think has a shot.

Bernie gets people exited and united with enthusiasm and a positive experience.  You come away inspired and hopeful.  

It is natural for Bernie Sanders to express his vision for a compassionate, equitable America.  He has been doing that for his entire political career.  He wants to pick up where FDR left off and also address the raging reality of climate change.  Bernie is obviously the man for the job. He is attempting to give people a middle class life with dignity and perhaps happiness. It would be beyond frustration, perhaps maddening if we are stuck with the tiger or the fungus.

We deserve better than that. 

Therefore, we have to get busy and elect Independents, Progressives and Liberal Democrats to office from local to national positions.  We can and must do this.  We have tasted the power of a Political Revolution and must now channel our energy into the system to build our presence.  Youth, numbers, and enthusiasm are on our side.  We may be closer than we think.  

There are almost as many independents as Democrats and Republicans combined.  We need to build a structure, from the bottom up as our candidate says.  Perhaps we have to run as Independents in 2018 and beyond.  Strange days have found us and anything is possible.  Witness this year's election thus far.  Perhaps we can energize the Democrats, reform and renew the party as the diehards age and the progressive movement evolves into power.  Either way, and we must chose one or the other, the pendulum is swinging our way.  
The elite will fight like madmen and madwomen to stop the progressive revolution.  Their clout is daunting and ominous and we should not make the mistake of underestimating them.  They are poverty creators. Nevertheless, the Political Revolution will prevail.  We must. 

I will be voting for Bernie Sanders in the general election one way or the other.  I was a lifelong Democrat and I became Independent this year.  I urge people to cast an important vote for Bernie to set the stage for 2018 and 2020 elections. Do not waste your vote on Hillary or the Donald.  They are dishonorable and disgraceful in their legal quagmires and they are both dangerous though by different methods.  In any case, neither have your interests at heart.

I have become prone to saying "the lesser of two evils is still evil."  Vote your conscience.  Vote your heart this time.

Bernie Sanders has made a career of surprising people.  Count on it again.  

Bernie Strong: No Brexit in the USA

Bernie Strong: Do not run Hillary against Donald. She will lose.
Look at the vote in Great Britain. People on the right and left said "No" to the establishment elite.  The public apparently had enough of indifferent politicians with their interests not at heart.  No one thought they would leave the European Union, but bigots' anti-immigrant sentiment may have ruined the British economy. Since we are all part of a multinational economy, the world finances are aggravated at the least. The same will happen here in the Presidency of Donald Trump. 

Furthermore Hillary Clinton should notice all the frustration toward the status quo.  The reason Hillary is so unpopular is the establishment elitist she is and  represents.
  The Democrats must wake up and run Bernie instead of the queen of glass ceilings, a legend in her own mind. Only Bernie can beat Trump.
Perhaps the Democrats are more interested in preserving their Clinton conservative credentials than in defeating Trump. That is a shame.
We need to run Bernie or we will have our own Brexit, in the form of President Trump.
Don't blame me, blame the DNC for running a weak and corrupt candidate with little or nothing to offer but empty promises and smirking contempt. One way or the other we have to get Hillary out of the way. She and her supporters are blocking the political revolution. They will not be able to do this forever. We need President Sanders more than ever. Remember: a vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary. 'Nuff said. Stay steady in the Political Revolution. Bernie or Bust!



Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chimerical Candidacy: Duck! Dodge! Hide!

I am lucky to live in Vermont. Bernie is still my Senator.

Suppose enough people write in Bernie and/ or vote for Jill Stein and other alternative candidates, it is possible that neither criminal candidate will get a majority and the election will be decided by Congress. Regardless of the result, history will record the lowest turnout ever and the least interest in two loathed candidates.

On another note, I am more than sorry that we have lost Elizabeth Warren, if we ever had her in the first place. She became corrupt sometime this year or earlier. I should have seen it coming when she did not endorse Bernie.

I want to believe the best, give a person the benefit of the doubt. Naive as I am, I did that. Now it is irrefutable that she has defected to the shills of big banks and corporate billionaires.

If Warren is offered a spot in Hillary's chimerical administration, do not fall for it. She would only be a decoy, a straw woman if you will.

They will try to make it look like she is kicking banker butt, however, like everything Clinton, that too would be illusion.