Friday, June 24, 2016

Independents Make Better Presidents; Eat the Oligarchy

Why do we elect deficient candidates over and over again when there are eligible non party wonks who are eminently more qualified to be President?

The answer is that the rich and powerful control both the Democrats and Republicans. They, and their corporate media, eat Independent candidates (and a Democratic Socialist) like evil voracious PACmen.  Somehow they stole not only elections but our nation from us and transformed democracy to oligarchy.

I once had a guy argue with me that there is no oligarchy.  I listed 20 reasons that we are indeed an oligarchy. The guy got annoyed and veered off the subject quickly.

I am 64 and I have waited for a candidate like Bernie Sanders for many election cycles. To top it off, he is Senator of my home Vermont and I have followed his consistent course for thirty years.  He is the real deal, you can count on it.  A whole lot of people concur. 

I think it is plain that the Democratic Party machinery was in the tank with Hillary and that the Bern was an inconvenient truth to them at best.  They would overcome the Political Revolution and do anything and everything to discredit and ignore this American phenomenon.  They used rules and other tactics: legal, gray area, and probably illegal.

Hillary will argue that we need to support her to defeat Trump.  The real reason is to preserve the current Democratic support of the corporate billionaires and to be the first woman President.  That does not cut it for me, especially with Bernie Sanders waiting in the wings.  As to Trump, Blue Oyster Cult said it first:  "Don't Fear The Reaper."  Good advice.

That is how a third Independent party gets the shaft.  That is why we get stuck with the same old dead enders: they are put up by the party.  Hillary has been around so long that she and Bill run the party.  It got away from them in 2008 so Hillary got Secretary of State and the nod for 2016.  Bernie and the movement got cheated every step of the way.

Trump is an experienced media manipulator and he used his shtick to rile people up. Donald gets people angry; an anger already boiling over in his supporters.  He incites agitation in a negative hateful way.  It is easy to tap into people's sore spots.

Rather than the Republican machine choosing him, they loathed then embraced him overnight.  You can count on the Republicans to jump on any bandwagon they think has a shot.

Bernie gets people exited and united with enthusiasm and a positive experience.  You come away inspired and hopeful.  

It is natural for Bernie Sanders to express his vision for a compassionate, equitable America.  He has been doing that for his entire political career.  He wants to pick up where FDR left off and also address the raging reality of climate change.  Bernie is obviously the man for the job. He is attempting to give people a middle class life with dignity and perhaps happiness. It would be beyond frustration, perhaps maddening if we are stuck with the tiger or the fungus.

We deserve better than that. 

Therefore, we have to get busy and elect Independents, Progressives and Liberal Democrats to office from local to national positions.  We can and must do this.  We have tasted the power of a Political Revolution and must now channel our energy into the system to build our presence.  Youth, numbers, and enthusiasm are on our side.  We may be closer than we think.  

There are almost as many independents as Democrats and Republicans combined.  We need to build a structure, from the bottom up as our candidate says.  Perhaps we have to run as Independents in 2018 and beyond.  Strange days have found us and anything is possible.  Witness this year's election thus far.  Perhaps we can energize the Democrats, reform and renew the party as the diehards age and the progressive movement evolves into power.  Either way, and we must chose one or the other, the pendulum is swinging our way.  
The elite will fight like madmen and madwomen to stop the progressive revolution.  Their clout is daunting and ominous and we should not make the mistake of underestimating them.  They are poverty creators. Nevertheless, the Political Revolution will prevail.  We must. 

I will be voting for Bernie Sanders in the general election one way or the other.  I was a lifelong Democrat and I became Independent this year.  I urge people to cast an important vote for Bernie to set the stage for 2018 and 2020 elections. Do not waste your vote on Hillary or the Donald.  They are dishonorable and disgraceful in their legal quagmires and they are both dangerous though by different methods.  In any case, neither have your interests at heart.

I have become prone to saying "the lesser of two evils is still evil."  Vote your conscience.  Vote your heart this time.

Bernie Sanders has made a career of surprising people.  Count on it again.