Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Modern Underground Railroad

Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for nominating a weak candidate.  If Bernie had won the nomination, we would be rejoicing with President-Elect Sanders.  Unfortunately it did not turn out that way.  I am disgusted but not remorseful that I voted for the dishonorable Hillary Clinton. That vote reflects my fear and loathing of the alternative.  The glass ceiling is back in place.  Hillary and the Democrats are guilty of hubris and we all must pay the price.

Last night one of my adult daughters called me to see if I was alright.  She, my other daughter, my wife and many of my friends and associates were and are strong Bernie supporters.

The current debacle has raised more questions than answers.  I tried to allay her fears.  We will weather the storm.  The pendulum swings and we will succeed with our liberal progressive movement.  The mid term elections favor the party out of power.  Trump lost the popular vote which means that more voters rejected him overall.  That majority represents a lot of people.  I mentioned that since we live in poor rural areas, the money grabbers will most likely get to us last.  I advised her to try to fly under the radar and wait it out.

She proceeded to point out that while we may be in less jeopardy, millions of people of color and/or poverty are potentially in danger.  Rather than just accept the bitter fate we have drawn, she and her boyfriend are printing and wearing shirts that say, "I am safe."  That means I am approachable and sympathetic.  Sometimes people need to talk to a kind and understanding person to try to sort things out.  Other people may need accompaniment to feel safe walking through some areas or neighborhoods.  We have to let people know they are not alone.

I am so proud of them and anyone else who takes on the challenge.  We cannot wait for a progressive to win the presidency in 2020 but must act now.  It is said, "Think globally, act locally."  Now is the time for bold action and for helping those more vulnerable than ourselves.

Call it what you will.  We need and must deliver a modern underground railroad.  If we think we are safe and do nothing to help, we will be the next vulnerable minority:  progressives.

Feel the Bern, help those who need it, and support Our Revolution.  It means nothing to get knocked down.  The challenge is to get back up.