Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Can Win But Only If We Stand Strong and United: Ignore the "money media."

Despite the post mortem eagerly delivered by the "money media," there is still a way to win.  It will require a unified and uncompromising strategy on the part of Bernie Revolutionaries.

The corrupt media is already writing the script for the horrible Trump/ Clinton debacle.  Although super delegates have not voted, they are included in the Clinton delegate tally.  This is an intentional misleading falsehood.  The reality is that by the Convention, neither Bernie nor Clinton will have the required pledged delegates to clinch. The convention will be contested.

Sanders Revolutionaries must never go over to the Clinton dark side.  Hillary will be crushed under the weight of her malfeasance and lies, not to mention developments brought to light by our "friends" in the FBI.

When the Democrats realize that only the Sanders Revolution can deliver the votes of the progressive wing of the party as well as the votes of independents, they will have to choose between their inevitable loser and Bernie Sanders.  Democrats will choose to win the general election.

History will not forgive us and we should not forgive ourselves if we let this moment slip away.  We must stand strong and united, especially now.
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We Don’t Get Fooled Again: Never Support Hillary Clinton Subtitle: We Still Hold The Winning Hand

Due to the remarkable resonance of the Sanders Revolution, we hold history in the palm of our hand.  On the liberal progressive side of American politics, only Bernie Sanders has anybody fired up.  He has struck a chord with so many of us who have been left behind, buried by the billionaire cartel so avidly and covertly promoted by Hillary Clinton.

Why is attendance short at Hillary rallies?  Why does such a well known spotlight personality like Clinton garner absolutely no excitement?  The answer is that she stands for nothing except the gratification of her insatiable ego. 

We hear Secretary Clinton spouting progressive platitudes but they ring hollow.  That is because she has co-opted these positions from Senator Sanders.  If you follow her actions, observe the sources of her financial backing, review her questionable judgment on everything from foreign policy, trade, crime legislation, and guardianship of classified information, it becomes crystal clear that her words are completely inconsistent with her deeds and intentions.

A cunning political tactic to suppress ideas is to appear to embrace those ideas, grab power, and then do nothing.  Even a cursory review of her political history reveals that is exactly her game plan.  No candidate is legally bound to follow the party platform.  Based on our knowledge of Clinton’s trustworthiness, it is the height of naivete to believe she will honor any campaign pledge.   Clinton is well known for saying anything she thinks her audience wants to hear. 

Hillary Clinton is the epitome of the shape shifting changeling of classic science fiction.  She would be a great candidate for the role played by James Arness in the 1951 sci-fi thriller, “The Thing From Another World.” 

What does this deconstruction of Clinton mean to Bernie Sanders Revolutionaries?   To preserve this vital historical movement it is imperative for us to let the Democratic Party know that we will never under any circumstances support Hillary Clinton.  As the Who succinctly put it, “We don’t get fooled again.” 

Broken promises are the currency of those who hold the electorate in contempt.   

The Democrats will certainly lose the general election without the enthusiastic support of Sanders progressives and independents.  Only the Sanders Revolution will be able to deliver these votes.   

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If the Worst Happens, I Implore the Sanders Revolution to Run in the General Election

Please, please, please run as an Independent.  You are a principled moral man and I know you do not want to play the roll of spoiler.  However, in light of the foul play that the DNC, the Clinton campaign, the super delegate system, and the corporate media have perpetrated, you have every right and duty to run.

Yes, duty.  The Sanders campaign knows that with the enormous demographic of independent voters (the largest voting block in the country) Bernie would likely win the Presidency against the two most disliked and potentially damaging candidates in presidential election history.  Please do not allow us to inherit this hopeless disaster.

Now is the moment.  We may never have a better chance.  If we let this slip away, how much more difficult will it be for future progressives to expunge the unholy democratic/republican/billionaire oligarchy.

I leave it to the professional campaign organizers to get Bernie on all state ballots as an Independent.  It is not too late at all.  Do not listen to the naysayers.  If you do, we will never get this revolution off the ground and into the White House.

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What To Do If Bernie Does Not Win: Alternate title, The Tiger or the Fungus

As a writer and communicator, it is an unusual circumstance that finds me at a loss for words.  
Worse, I am at a loss for ideas.

If it comes down to Trump vs.  Clinton, the “lesser of two evils” concept will not apply.  Between these two ego driven minions of power hunger and divisiveness there is only evil; and evil not subject to degree.

The country has been under the oppression of a Clinton democratic machine dictatorship since 1992.  Between 2000 and 2016 that machine in the form of the Clinton foundation has run the Democratic Party biding its time for a third and fourth term.   In these years since 1992, we have seen the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to a handful of way too rich greedy corporate hogs than ever before in the history of the nation.  We have seen an exacerbation of the hideous war on drugs (really on the poor and especially non-white poor.)  Due to this disgraceful war on drugs, we now have more incarcerated people than any other nation in the world.

We have seen numerous trade deals whose sole intended purpose was to enrich corporations with the “unintended” consequence of the theft of millions of good paying manufacturing jobs from Americans.  All this sacrifice of the middle class lies on the altar of the billionaire handful.

Big Pharma is ripping off Americans as in no other country in the world.  Medicare is prevented by law from negotiating costs, and these criminal corporations do not even have to disclose how they arrive at their pricing.  Name one other industry with that amount of privilege.  Bill Clinton opened wide the FDA door to pharmaceutical industry abuse in 1997.  Since then these profit driven criminals blanket the TV with direct to customer advertising misleading the public in their marketing zeal and endangering us all with drugs often more unsafe than the very street drugs against which the country has been at war for 35 long wasteful years.

Our roads, bridges, schools, drinking water delivery systems, waste management, environmental protections, railroads, airports and all other manner of infrastructure are in such dangerous disrepair that we must be deeply ashamed of ourselves. The sole cause of this is greedy neglect.

The cost of a college degree is so expensive that the young face the choice of being deprived of the education or burdening themselves with debt often equal to that of a home mortgage.
Wages, relative to inflation, are lower than any time in the last 40 years and people are forced to work longer hours and multiple jobs for a bare existence.  Quality affordable day care is practically non-existent.  As a result of this obscene transfer of wealth our culture has suffered a mortal blow.  The chief casualty of these Clinton “new democrat” years has been the end of hope and opportunity in America.

While the Affordable care Act of Obama has taken a small step in the right direction, big Pharma and private medical insurance companies are raking it in as never before.   Worst of all, it is still abusively impossibly expensive  for an unfortunate person of any age and mostly the elderly to become sick.  Only in America.

Clinton claims to care about the climate and the planet.  Yet she traveled the globe as secretary of state promoting the most dangerous of fossil fuel exploitation:  fracking.   She slops at the trough of the fossil fuel industry.  The most egregious proof of her hypocrisy about climate change:   the endorsement of Clinton by the Koch brothers.

Foreign policy is a disaster.  As secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has championed the Clinton/ Bush/Cheney doctrine of Middle East regime change. This disgraceful misguided policy has cost thousands of brave American service men and women’s lives.  Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed not to mention displaced, maimed, dislocated, made homeless and families destroyed.   I argue that our uninvited meddlesome intervention has stoked the fires of radical Islam hatred of western values and created power vacuums which have enabled the establishment of the ISIS caliphate and its satellite beachheads.  That in turn has directly caused the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.  Ask the Europeans.

Moreover, America has wasted trillions of dollars which could have been used to repair our infrastructure, resurrect our manufacturing base, and provide relief to the poorest longest suffering Americans:  the young, the old, and those stuck in permanent war zone neighborhoods.

There will be those who ask how can the Clintons be blamed for all this?   Here is their crime:  they have stood idly by in the service of their banking Wall Street corporate billionaire buddies and done absolutely nothing to help the helpless. (Hillary Clinton earns more money giving speeches to the financial vultures than many earn in a lifetime and then has the nerve to refuse to reveal the transcripts.  Why occlude if there is nothing to hide?)  If government does not step in to attempt to right this gross malfeasance, who has the will and the resources to do so?  
All this being said, the Clintons have the audacity to champion the status quo and slow incremental change.  Where has that gotten us since 1992?

I accuse the Clintons of callous gross negligence of the people in most dire need in favor of great benefits to the most advantaged.

Now, I consider the alternative.

As an independent who has generally sided with democrats, I readily admit the murky unfathomable mean and hateful depth of the republican assault is not something I am able to understand or explain.
Out of nowhere comes Trump. The behavior of  this disgraceful, foul, racist, unconstitutional, violent, erratic and divisive would be demagogue is so well known that it does not need repeating here.   Even Republicans are horrified and appalled.

So, I will dig very deeply and try to find some positives, if any.  First and foremost, as a self financed billionaire, he is not owned by the same corporate interests served enthusiastically by the Clintons. Furthermore Trump opposed and opposes the Clinton corporate trade deals which have gutted the workforce of America and led to massive unemployment and underemployment.   Now to foreign policy.  Trump is a cheap businessman.  He sees money as a means to power.  (The Clintons see power as their ultimate ego gratification.)  I find it difficult to believe Trump would squander trillions of dollars on foreign misadventures.  In this regard, he is not the war monger that the Clinton neo conservative consortium (some of the same players in the Bush/ Cheney conspiracy) clearly is.  There can be no doubt about it, the last thing this nation needs is more endless Middle East warfare, regime change, and entanglement.  The one biggest positive that I can dredge up about Trump is simply that he is not the Clinton machine.  Enough is enough!  If the overreaching power of this oozing invasive fungus is not stopped now, then when?

So, to coin a phrase, I am stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.  Another way to put it is trapped between the tiger and the fungus.  The tiger is big, aggressive, boisterous, orange and extremely dangerous.  The fungus is sneaky.  It exists as an attachment to the host.  The fungus tendrils have been gripping us for too many years.  The fungus is clandestine and subtle, so much so that many are not even consciously aware of it though it influences every aspect of our lives.

All this rambling soul searching leaves me fragmented, dissatisfied, and frankly confused.  Which is worse:  the tiger or the fungus?   The tiger wants to feast on your bones.  The fungus already has. The tiger consumes its victim rapidly.  The fungus allows the victim to live, just barely, in order to perpetually feast.

I try to conclude my writings with some offering of a positive notion.  Today, that is not in the cards.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Delegates and Baseball: A Rigged Competition

I happen to be a baseball  fan.  This is how the Democratic Super Delegate scenario would play out if the nomination were a baseball game:

Before the umpire calls "Play Ball" the privileged team is awarded 10 runs by the league. Then, no matter how well the non-privileged team does, the scorekeeper adds 10 runs to score of the inevitable team.

How long would fans continue to attend games?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

If Hillary Was the Only Candidate Running For President I Would Not Vote For Her

The worst possible outcome for America would be another Clinton presidency. The Clintons 

are shameless corporate billionaire shills and power hungry war mongers.  I have listened to 

her campaign squawk and there is absolutely nothing she has to offer to improve the life of 

regular Americans.  She offers endless mid east war and a certain continuation of the 

degradation of the poor and middle class for the enrichment of corporate crooks.  Here is 

the difference between Trump and Clinton:

Trump worships money; Clinton worships power.  

Decide for yourself which is worse.

Trump and Clinton are the two most despised candidates for president in history.

Bernie is the only candidate who is honest, well liked,  and has the interest of the people and 

the country at heart. 

2016 election:  What is wrong with this picture?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Worst of All Possible Outcomes

This will be an unpopular but brief post.

It is time to teach the so called Democratic Party that they need to put up a candidate of the people, not the corporate billionaire class. If they do not return to traditional Democratic Party values, they will not only lose the election, they will cease to exist.
If Bernie does not get the nomination (and there is ample cause to believe that he will) we must never allow a Clinton or any of their phony Democratic posers to get near the White House.
This is true despite any consequences.  Another Clinton term would be the worst of all possible outcomes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hawking Poison to People in Prime Time and Lying About It

Remember Big Tobacco of the 1960’s and 1970’s?  Big Pharma is the new Big Tobacco.

In 1981 C. Everett Koop became Surgeon General.  A brave and honest man, he took on Big Tobacco.  Tobacco companies lied about the danger of lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease from cigarettes to preserve their obscene profits even though their greed was killing people.

They spent ungodly amounts on misleading marketing extolling the virtues of their poisons.  It took many years and lawsuits until Big Tobacco was kicked off television and forced to pay huge restitution payments to its victims.  Those victories were possible because the only legislators in the pocket of Big Tobacco in those days were perhaps representatives of Big Tobacco states.

Now we have the curse of Big Pharma.  They are worse.  Tobacco always was a voluntary decision.  I was a smoker and beat the addiction with only will power.  Many others did as well.  Big Pharma colludes with the medical business and business oriented doctors to make people believe that they need Pharma designed and marketed drugs for their health or even life.  They bribe, promise, and cajole FDA officials for ”fast track” approval which allows them to claim these drugs are safe when they are not.  Like Big Tobacco, their business model is based on greed and the maximization of profit, chiefly to the benefit of their corporate executives. 

It is not enough that they spend huge marketing sums bribing and schmoozing Doctors with free food, entertainment, and obscene speaking fees.   Lately, as you cannot help to have noticed, they blanket prime time (and non-prime time) TV with their gross and repugnant advertising.  This is highly inappropriate on TV.  Only the United States and New Zealand in the civilized world allow this disgraceful TV Pharma shilling.

Now, so many of our elected representatives have taken the gifts of Pharma lobbyists and Pharma campaign contributions that action seems impossible.  Even Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton  slops at the Big Pharma trough.

Here is the only answer I have to combat this atrocity.  Elect Bernie Sanders President.  Elect honest progressive candidates to Congress, Senate, and local office.  The Progressive revolution is energized and wide ranging.  There is plenty of room in the revolution for us to, like C. Everett Coop, take on Big Pharma.

To Preserve the Peaceful Revolution

Bernie Sanders is a moral principled man.  He would probably not take this suggestion, but I raise it anyway.

Bernie will not lose on issues.  If we lose, it will be Clinton and DNC dirty tricks and rigged election outcomes that defeat us.  This is outrageous and beyond decency and democracy.

Hillary and Bill stand between us and peaceful revolution. If she would do the right thing and GET OUT OF THE WAY!  we would certainly win the general election and avoid a mid east war and a further entrenchment of the corporate billionaire dictatorship of America. 

I would like Bernie Sanders Revolution supporters to urge Bernie, if he does not win the nomination, to run for President in 2016 as an independent.  Four terms of Clinton:  1992-2000, and, I posit,  2008-2016 are four terms too many.  Look where these disastrous years have gotten us.

Bernie is an independent Senator from Vermont.  He is the longest serving independent in the history of congress.  Bernie Supporters, disaffected Democrats and Republicans, and most of all independents are a majority over Democrats and Republicans combined.

If the 2016 election cycle proves anything, the Democrats and Republicans as they think of themselves are through.
They think Trump and Clinton are the best we can do.  In itself, that sad fact impugns and discredits these sham parties which are actually just aspects of the same corruption.

We can prove them wrong.  Bernie can and will win if he is willing to run as an independent.
If we still hope for a peaceful revolution, then the time is now to elect Sanders no matter how it is done.
The alternative is surely Great Depression and War.
The choice is yet to be made.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Stand Corrected: I Would Not Support or Vote for Trump

I owe a clarification to my good friends who support  Bernie Sanders for President 2016.
Two days ago I posted that in a general election where Trump vs. Clinton that I would support and vote for Trump.  Upon consideration and soul searching I could never support the likes of Trump.
This is how my post was wrong:

1.  The nomination is in play and I believe that Bernie Sanders will be the nominee.  It is premature to speculate about the general election.
2.  I was engaging in speculative hyperbole but I failed to make that clear.  The misrepresentations and voter suppression of the DNC and Clinton campaign have made me angry and combative.  That is not necessarily helpful to the Sanders campaign.
3.  The point I was trying to make is that the Clintons are extremely dangerous to America.  Yet another term would enable them to further entrench the interests of the large banks, Wall Street, and the corporate billionaire culture Bernie is trying to break.
I lost a good job because my employer was forced out of business due the effects of NAFTA. The Clintons changed the course of the Democratic party in 1992, turning it to a conservative alternative to the bizarro ultra right wing extreme Republican party.
Nevertheless, I must stand corrected.  Even in the face of the Clintons, there is no good reason to support the likes of Trump or Cruz.
4.  If it comes to pass that Bernie is not the nominee, there are still options.  Here are some:  abstain from voting, write in Bernie Sanders, vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  Progressives could unite behind Jill Stein or another progressive candidate.

It is important for the Democratic party to know that large numbers of Sanders supporters would not vote for Clinton in a general election.

This should be clear to the DNC going into the convention in July.  The Republican convention occurs prior to the Democratic.  That is good. We will know who is the Republican nominee.  By July, it should be clear that Bernie has the momentum and energy of the voters. Clinton is not liked or trusted even by Democrats.  She is drowning under the weight of her own accumulated baggage.  She comes across as insincere.  By July it should be obvious that Bernie would soundly defeat a Republican and his coattails would help elect more Democrats to the Senate and Congress. 

Sanders' 30+ years in elected office (25 in the congress and senate) make him arguably the most qualified candidate running in either party.  His lengthy experience in the legislature would give him  greater leverage against obstructionism than was available to Obama.

Independents comprise a bit over 40% of voters.  For the most part, they are not counted in the primaries and certainly not in caucuses.
In November, they will vote for Bernie in large numbers.

Once Bernie gets past the Clinton inevitable juggernaut illusion, the campaign against whichever nut the Republicans run will be a cakewalk for the Sanders political revolution.

Thank you for allowing me to express myself and revisit and correct my previous post.
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Have Officially Joined the Trump Campaign

I have joined the Trump campaign officially.

Disclaimer:  I am and will remain a strong Bernie Sanders supporter and repeat donor.   If, however, he is cheated and swindled out of the nomination by the voter fraud/ suppression of the Democratic Party by the Clintons and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, then I will be an active Trump supporter.

The Clinton machine has controlled American politics since 1992.  In my opinion, they ran the Obama administration with right of approval over every thing Obama has done or not done.
The only break from Clintons was Bush, and the Clintons were very supportive of him.

The Clinton juggernaut machine is like an incurable cancer with tentacles throughout the body politic.  The patient (America) will surely die if the cancer is allowed to progress.  Perhaps it is time to let the patient to die in order to kill the cancer.

Let Trump really frig everything up.  Then, at least we can start building anew.

A Clinton administration would really be the fifth term for them (counting the Obama years) and would permanently lock in the corporate domination for good.  How could a progressive Sanders like candidate in 4, 8 or 12 years break that lock?  In my opinion it would be impossible.

The Clintons must be stopped now.  If not, it may be too late for even the young to stage a political revolution.  

Bernie remains our only last ditch shot.  I will fight for him until the end.

But if it comes down to Trump vs. the Clintons, I am with Trump (or Cruz) all the way.

My heart is broken by my own decision.  Nevertheless, the Clintons must be stopped.