Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Can Win But Only If We Stand Strong and United: Ignore the "money media."

Despite the post mortem eagerly delivered by the "money media," there is still a way to win.  It will require a unified and uncompromising strategy on the part of Bernie Revolutionaries.

The corrupt media is already writing the script for the horrible Trump/ Clinton debacle.  Although super delegates have not voted, they are included in the Clinton delegate tally.  This is an intentional misleading falsehood.  The reality is that by the Convention, neither Bernie nor Clinton will have the required pledged delegates to clinch. The convention will be contested.

Sanders Revolutionaries must never go over to the Clinton dark side.  Hillary will be crushed under the weight of her malfeasance and lies, not to mention developments brought to light by our "friends" in the FBI.

When the Democrats realize that only the Sanders Revolution can deliver the votes of the progressive wing of the party as well as the votes of independents, they will have to choose between their inevitable loser and Bernie Sanders.  Democrats will choose to win the general election.

History will not forgive us and we should not forgive ourselves if we let this moment slip away.  We must stand strong and united, especially now.
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