Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Don’t Get Fooled Again: Never Support Hillary Clinton Subtitle: We Still Hold The Winning Hand

Due to the remarkable resonance of the Sanders Revolution, we hold history in the palm of our hand.  On the liberal progressive side of American politics, only Bernie Sanders has anybody fired up.  He has struck a chord with so many of us who have been left behind, buried by the billionaire cartel so avidly and covertly promoted by Hillary Clinton.

Why is attendance short at Hillary rallies?  Why does such a well known spotlight personality like Clinton garner absolutely no excitement?  The answer is that she stands for nothing except the gratification of her insatiable ego. 

We hear Secretary Clinton spouting progressive platitudes but they ring hollow.  That is because she has co-opted these positions from Senator Sanders.  If you follow her actions, observe the sources of her financial backing, review her questionable judgment on everything from foreign policy, trade, crime legislation, and guardianship of classified information, it becomes crystal clear that her words are completely inconsistent with her deeds and intentions.

A cunning political tactic to suppress ideas is to appear to embrace those ideas, grab power, and then do nothing.  Even a cursory review of her political history reveals that is exactly her game plan.  No candidate is legally bound to follow the party platform.  Based on our knowledge of Clinton’s trustworthiness, it is the height of naivete to believe she will honor any campaign pledge.   Clinton is well known for saying anything she thinks her audience wants to hear. 

Hillary Clinton is the epitome of the shape shifting changeling of classic science fiction.  She would be a great candidate for the role played by James Arness in the 1951 sci-fi thriller, “The Thing From Another World.” 

What does this deconstruction of Clinton mean to Bernie Sanders Revolutionaries?   To preserve this vital historical movement it is imperative for us to let the Democratic Party know that we will never under any circumstances support Hillary Clinton.  As the Who succinctly put it, “We don’t get fooled again.” 

Broken promises are the currency of those who hold the electorate in contempt.   

The Democrats will certainly lose the general election without the enthusiastic support of Sanders progressives and independents.  Only the Sanders Revolution will be able to deliver these votes.