Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I am Scared to Death: Mea Culpa

Anyone who had read my blog (all three of you) would know my opinion of Hillary Clinton.  It is not favorable.

This lying lawless lawyer plays the grey areas and barely escapes being caught and held accountable.  But she does evade responsibility and her dishonesty and is not trustworthy. That short coming is well known though accepted by many.  I believe Hillary, Wasserman-Shultz and the DNC swindled the most popular and transformitive candidate, Bernie Sanders.  Bernie is a gentleman and kept his word to endorse the Democratic nominee if it was not him.  I have respected and listened to Bernie for thirty years.  Can I ignore him and his insistent warning that we must defeat Trump?  Hillary’s campaign consists of “I’m not Trump.”  Here is one rare area where I agree with her.

Trump is a walking turd under a red cap that ought to say,   “Make America Hate Again.”  He looks like Mussolini and acts like Hitler.  Both Trump and Hitler use hatred, racism, scapegoat politics, fear and unrealistic promises.  Hitler rose during the Great Depression and promised a better economy and standard of living:  A chicken in every pot, so to speak.  Trump exists under the shadow of the post Great Recession.  He  makes unrealistic promises and pledges to make people’s lives better and more affluent.  Hitler blamed the Weimar Republic while Trump blames Obama’s administration for causing economic misery, poor living conditions and general suffering; forget about the billionaires: he is one of them, the and source of poverty, false hope to the neglected lower classes and shrinking middle class.  Both Hitler and Trump are unstable maniacs capable of destroying the countries they rule. What kind of life do we want to leave our children?

Once Bernie was defeated I had no candidate I could in good conscience support.  That left me with the option of not voting or supporting Jill Stein and the Green Party.  I have ten Jill Stein pins, nine when I wear one.

I have a tee shirt that depicts a distorted picture of Hillary and the word “crap.”  I also have a similar one of Trump over the word “nope.”  Furthermore I wear one that says “Vote for the Green Party.”  We can conclude that I like tee shirts.

Back to Trump.  He is no longer the buffoon baboon good for some laughs who could never be elected.  That is a fallacy.  He is a serious would be dictator with a chance to be elected President.  Trump is unstable with bad intentions.  Given the power he could devastate the United States and perhaps the world.  He likes our enemies (Putin) and exercises contempt for our allies.  In short, he is a dangerous evil man.  What won’t he do?

As much as I dislike Hillary I have decided reluctantly to vote for her.  I detest Hillary but I fear Trump.  The choice is between rotten and crazy rotten.  I think the Donald  must be stopped at any cost.  Sometimes we must swallow the bitter pill, this time to save the country from the megalomaniac Trump.  I cannot stomach an evil game show host.

I battled my conscience as to whether to support the Greens or the distasteful Clinton.  I spent a great deal of time and soul searching trying to resolve this dilemma.

I came to the sad conclusion that I must vote for Hillary to stop Trump, a great menace who must be blocked at any cost to save the country from a fate worse than Hillary.  It makes me sad but my vote is too important to allow a Trump victory to be realized. 

The other major party candidate is the only chance of saving us from a latter day Hitler.  Unfortunately she will increase the poverty index due to her friendship with the billionaires but at least there will still be a United States which may someday enable a future where “Our Revolution” might rise with the power to be transformitive.
I have to draw this unpleasant conclusion to keep the unstable baboon out of the Oval Office.  After all, who would clean up the mess? 

I reluctantly take this position because I am scared to death.  Who wouldn’t be?