Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Never normal

                     Our worst nightmare...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha

Image result for trump orange jumpsuit

As  dumb as a doorknob
A soul sucking pod
He comes from the gutter
The wizard of odd

Though few are now rootin’
He screams, “I am smart.”
A puppet of Putin
A currency heart

The great orange ogre
A galdurn galoot
An unfunny joker
In a Chinese suit

He’s mad beyond reason
Obstructor deluxe
He dabbles with treason
And steals your bucks

A con of deception
A phony salute
His orange complexion
Will match his new suit

America greater?
He did what he could
A would be dictator 
He makes Pence look good

Monday, February 6, 2017

Turn the Page

So here I am, back at home again.  Recovering from a total knee replacement.  I look around and find that the country has undergone a total sanity replacement.

Vladimir Putin is President.  The supreme racist Stephen Bannon, is the new gangster in chief, the Grand Dragon of ghouls. Hermann Goering is Secretary of State, and Goebbels has been replaced as minister of propaganda by the cruel cretinous comb over cutthroat game show host we all love to hate.

We are living in interesting times.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Rantaclaus.  He is all over the TV dispensing lumps of coal to those who mine this foul substance and to the rest of us whether we like it or not.  We must all be naughty.

Muslims are the new Jews.

We are all afraid of what we know or worse, what we do not yet know.  We are scared of things that go Trump in the night.

The resistance is alive and well.  We are prepared for some tough years. We are firmly convinced that we will prevail as good Americans have always done in the face of lunacy and other challenges to our Democracy.   We  emerge stronger in the process.

Remember, these malicious misfits live by the gospel of divide and conquer. For us there must be no white, black or green. We are:  Environmentalists, Feminists, Progressives, Liberals, We the People,  All the People. All of the 57 varieties of sexual preference named by National Geographic, the poor, the poorer and the persecuted must unite for a single purpose:  to preserve the Union.  The banner under which we gather is merely symbolic, our purpose is vital, unrelenting.
My advice:  embrace the fear and rise above it.

We are the Phoenix, Goo goo g’joob!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Coup D'etat 2017

There we were on that dreaded day.  The founding fathers would say, "We did everything possible to prevent the situation in which we find ourselves."  My take was that this was the worst constitutional crisis in our history.  However I realized that these would be dictators have got nothing on the Civil War. We survived that.

The grief and despair of the Great Depression hurt us (and the rest of the world) deeply and we survived.  The nightmare of the Nazis and Japanese, a two front war, was eventually overcome by two great men:  Churchill and Roosevelt and the sacrifices of our incredible armed forces who faced the monster maniacs and won a war that had to be won for the sake of freedom in the world.
Too bad it didn't last.

Many European and other modern countries carried on where Roosevelt left off in creating Social Democracies, guaranteeing a safety net, universal health care, and higher education for those who wanted it.  What happened and how did it happen that the USA went the route of military industrial complex, war profiteers, and crooked medicine show hawkers more interested in marketing than researching cures?  Don't forget crooked banksters and insurance companies. It seems that the USA and Russia have an inordinate number of billionaires.

As the weasel said, "You knew I was a weasel when you let me into the chicken house."

So here we are.  To be honest I am sick to death of the moaning and groaning and also the same lame jokes. Tell me something I don't know. I may not be able to do much, but I am marched in Montpelier, Vermont on January 21.  Bernie Sanders spoke and we all listened.

These rich bitches masquerade in the cloak of fear and racism to achieve their true goal:  more money.  Why is it we elected an unscrupulous billionaire businessman and expected anything else?
Why are people so gullible?  Tell them what they want to hear and they would vote for Putin for which they may have already done.

What to do, what to do, what to do?  Organize and elect progressives from school boards to national legislators.  Hear this progressives:  unite, strategize, and never give up.  WE'RE STILL HERE! Let's summon the fire in our belly and fight back as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard and other prominent progressives do.  Take back America in 2018 and 2020.  These idiots are leaving the door open in their arrogant hubris.  Nothing is forever if we are willing to stand up and fight, not only for ourselves but for the families they seek to destroy, the poor who will die without the safety
net of health insurance and the scapegoated ethnic groups.  My advice:  provide safely zones for those in the greatest peril. It is deplorable to do less.

I refuse to watch the lies and misrepresentations of the corporate news sources.  Were they not the same swindlers who gave Trump billions of dollars in free publicity while ignoring the real story: the remarkable and positive campaign of the unlikely Bernie Sanders.  Bernie promised to carry on where Roosevelt left off.  What was in that for the corporations and rich guys?  Nothing at all.

You pay's your money and you takes your chance.  This time there are no return or exchanges.
To quote a famous teacher, "Throw the money changers out."  We must seize the opportunity today, in 2018, 2020 and beyond.  We will live through this and emerge stronger.  Hopefully we will learn from history this time.

Fight on, Carry on, Bern on.  Our Revolution must do no less.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We Must Do What We Must Do

Did you hear President Obama's speech last night? 
We needed to hear that. 
Thank you my friend.

There are those who would crucify me, oops, gas chamber me for saying that.  We must do what we must do.

On a personal note I am getting a knee replacement at the end of the month.  That might make me the world's first bionic atheist Jew. We must do what we must do.

Keep Democracy alive.  Keep Hope alive. We must do what we must do.

Do you hear me President, I mean Senator Warren?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Chinese May Save Our Bacon

When the war comes, Trump and Pence will make a deal with Putin as the beastly monster did with Stalin.  These operatives are smarter than Hitler and will not attack Russia.  They know that a coalition of the Muslim world and the neo soviets are not beatable without a nuclear winter resulting.  They want dominance, not self-destruction.  What would be the point?  These guys are evil and smart unlike the previous most hideous person on the poor pathetic planet.  His minions were too scared and at the same time too indoctrinated to see the certain destruction.  After all Berlin was leveled.  When he knew defeat was inevitable, he turned his forces to the purpose of destroying unthinkably a people he despised.  Our guys would fight on and if loss was unavoidable then and only then would they contemplate the nuclear option.  Putin will turn on them, the reverse of Hitler attacking Stalin, a move which ultimately lost his war.

I discussed this with a smart progressive friend.  His take was that the world would say the hell with you and stand by while the United States destroyed itself.  I disagree.

The nations of the world would not entertain the prospect of annihalation.  Before that brink is reached it will be economic devastation that would drive the sane powers to intervene.  After all, a GREAT DEPRESSION would bring them down too.  It is not possible to isolate yourself from yet the most powerful economy.  They need that economy to remain buoyant even with the corrupt money changers.

The Chinese have a powerful economy as well.  Their chief trading partner is still the USA.  We are joined at the hip and they know it.

Trump hates the Chinese as he does the Muslim world.  The Saudis will partner militarily with the new USA as they do with the current American incarnation.  We arm them and they provide the western world with oil.  The Russians have an abundance of this foul substance and do not need anybody, economically or militarily.  However, it is not in their interest to save anybody’s bacon.  The have enough of their own.

That is the set - up, what is the answer if any? When history is reviewed, we know there is no love lost between the Chinese and the Russians.  George Orwell understood this dynamic when he wrote 1984 at the cusp between the end of the second world war and the onset of the cold war.  The three way shifting of alliances defined the cold war.  At this time, we see the Chinese partnering with the west because it is their economic benefit to do so.  That dynamic will be written in stone if the USA sinks into isolation and tacit neutrality with Putin or his successor.  The Chinese will have to ally with the floundering former American friends.  These Western nations have bacon to save as well.

No, the Chinese are not responsible for the “myth of global warming.”  The destruction of the environment would take them down with the rest of the planet and they are all too aware of that “inconvenient truth.”  After all, are they not manufacturing solar panels as if their life depended on this technology?  It does and they know it.  The Russians would be a poison partner and they know this reality as well.  The remaining sane western powers are their only hope and they ours.

Would England, Canada, and Australia along with weaker yet stable well intentioned countries be enough?  I doubt it.  The West needs the Chinese as the Chinese needs the West.  The only hope of standing off the neo America is this coalition.   Even then the odds are uncertain.

There are also wild cards such as India and Pakistan who could initiate the dreaded final demise all by themselves.  What will they do?  Who knows.  Also, the Russians will have their hands full when the southern Muslim provinces seize the opportunity for autonomy.  Orwell's premise will be thwarted.  He did not count on Russian solitary survival strategy.  Only if certain American suicide ensues would they be willing to intervene.

Perhaps I am full of cheese.    I could be wrong and I hope so.  I am paranoid and perhaps somebody has to be. If I am even close to the dreadful premise we will all be dead.  I don’t desire that grim outcome and neither, I believe do you.  Watch, listen and act.  What else is there?  Vigilance could be our only way out.  We best take 2018 then 2020 seriously before it is too late.  The constitution is still here. Jefferson, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, and Kennedy are still here.  We are still here. We are still here. We are still here.

Monday, January 9, 2017

A Joker in the Deck

There's a joker in poker I think
His eyeballs are blue and they’re pink
He never works hard
He’s the wild card
He sneers and he gives you a wink

Fifty-three and I think fifty-four
He’s never a stiff or a bore
He comes at no cost
Replacing the lost
Neglected rejected and sore

The joker is happy and sad
He’s useless and that makes him mad
A trickster deluxe
He steals your bucks
He knows he is kingly and bad

You don’t know his place or his way
He plays hide and seek every day
His stock and his trade
And where he was made
Are mysteries so dealers say

He’s naughty and haughty and cruel
An ace and an eight and a fool
His appetite grows
And so does his nose
He swims in a crazy whirlpool

He laughs and he cries out in pain
He’s timeless and sometimes insane
He’s short and he’s tall
He lives in us all
Deny him defy him in vain