Monday, January 9, 2017

A Joker in the Deck

There's a joker in poker I think
His eyeballs are blue and they’re pink
He never works hard
He’s the wild card
He sneers and he gives you a wink

Fifty-three and I think fifty-four
He’s never a stiff or a bore
He comes at no cost
Replacing the lost
Neglected rejected and sore

The joker is happy and sad
He’s useless and that makes him mad
A trickster deluxe
He steals your bucks
He knows he is kingly and bad

You don’t know his place or his way
He plays hide and seek every day
His stock and his trade
And where he was made
Are mysteries so dealers say

He’s naughty and haughty and cruel
An ace and an eight and a fool
His appetite grows
And so does his nose
He swims in a crazy whirlpool

He laughs and he cries out in pain
He’s timeless and sometimes insane
He’s short and he’s tall
He lives in us all
Deny him defy him in vain