Monday, January 9, 2017

Buyer's Remorse

What a Long Strange Trip Its Been.

Never in my lifetime or in the history of the United States in my opinion has there been such a weird election.  The contrast between Bernie and Chumpy is greater than day and night.  To me, in a celestial sense it is like a bright and beautiful nebula and sucking black hole:  one compassionate and hopeful and the other a mean greedy gross ghoulish foolish dangerous nightmare. Unfortunately this is happening and we are awake.

Sump pump will have trouble with the Republicans even more than the Democrats. Neither dumplestiltskin nor the wall street greedsters like to be told what to do or simply to go to hell. This Clash is anything but musical. It is more like the scratching of fingernails on a blackboard or the grinding of brakes with no pads.  The sound of crises is in the air and it hurts to even think about it.

I have tried to take the ostrich approach but you hear it and smell it through the sand.

Bernie would tell us to consider the fate of those of color, Muslims, Mexicans, the old, the young, women, men, and the unfortunate poor. The plight and number of the homeless will grow exponentially. Broken families, broken people and broken hearts will be the legacy of these malicious minions. They appear to be thriving at our ex pence.

I know a guy I used to call a friend.  Sure Joe is conservative and I am a proud progressive. We used to marvel and congratulate each other about our friendship despite our bipolar political relationship. The last time we spoke on the phone he would not let me speak.  He yelled at me like a banshee completely out of control. I tried to be respectful and entitle him to his opinion.  However, his tirade was replete with hatred, false information, and absolutely no reason or compromise.  His conservatism had morphed into a screaming maniac hate. Just like someone else we know, too terrible to consider. The ostrich is  diminished to death.  As painful as it is, I have to yank my head out of the comforting sand and confront the cold wind, ostracized in this blithering unreality. Nevertheless, I refuse to watch or listen to these heartless hangmen.  The sound will reach me anyway, an evil echo death rattle.

What these mad morons fail to realize is that when you consume the consumers their bubble economy will not survive. We all suffer. We may have buyer’s remorse sooner than you think. Even people like Joe will eventually feel the pain. When that hits home, how long will they revel in the gutter?  That is the horrible question.

Enough of this banal banter. We came within a hair of the exact opposite with the clean, honest, optimistic compassion of Bernie Sanders. Those who could see could “Feel the Bern.”  Our hearts sank as the political parties committed suicide and tried to take us down with them. We felt hope slipping away. Even the demon Democrat machine rejected the best shot of a Great America since Franklin Roosevelt declared the Economic Bill of Rights. He was a rich man helping the poor. Bernie has been in the congress and senate for twenty- five years and he is not rich. We came so far without pacs, corporations and cash dispensing lobbyists. We all gave a little and it added up to a lot. We awakened the dream and lost anyway. Go figure. Bernie lit the candle and we cannot allow it to be snuffed out.  Who else can protect the unprotected? I wonder what will happen when buyer’s remorse haunts the foolish.  I hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not a raging locomotive.  We’ll see.