Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fire in the Belly

Hillary Clinton, the anointed one, in the public eye since 1992, First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State was the least effective candidate.  Why?

Bernie Sanders never saw a podium he didn’t like.  Whether speaking to two or twenty thousand people he stayed true and positive:  The billionaires are denying the people a decent life.  A life of hope and promise.  He suggested a living wage, affordable college, universal accessible health care, a fair and compassionate society where hope and opportunity flourished. He made us aware that we could prosper in a nation of well fed and housed educated people.  He ranted and raved honestly and always stayed on message.  He implored people to “Feel the Bern."  He endorsed the political revolution and let us know with certainty that it would take millions of people working their beliefs to create change. This was not a cult of personality.  He stood for principals and ran a clean campaign.  He had fire in the belly.

Donald Trump has an ego as big as his self-proclaimed financial empire.  He ran a negative, racist campaign and appealed to angry hateful people. Everyone’s problems were the fault of a bloated ineffective government according to his version of just ass. He neglected to address the role of rich guys like himself who righteously kill opportunity for the sake of more money. The motivations were not altogether money. Poor discouraged people are suppressed and downtrodden. It is hard to find the the strength to fight when the battle is to survive with no home and inadequate food. He never missed an opportunity to tell us that he was smart. Intelligent people do not need to proclaim it. We can tell.  He preyed on the vulnerable and mocked the injured. He scapegoated people of ethnicity that he did not approve.  He stoked the flames of those who felt bypassed by the billionaire bastard's economic suppression. He incited, derided and recited his brand of invective.  He yelled and screamed. He had fire in the belly.

Hillary was a lukewarm Trump. She pretended to care and we saw through the lies.  She failed to campaign enough.  She was immersed in her inevitability.  Look up hubris in the dictionary and you will see a faded picture of Hillary.  She believed in herself but not in the people.  She limped along believing notoriety alone was enough.  She expected to win and avoided the possibility of loss.  She had no fire in the belly.

I’d like to be funny but laughter eludes me tonight. Perhaps I am tired of the futility of fanning the smoldering embers.

Progressives listen:  We need more people than Bernie alone to wake up the masses.  There must be fire in our bellies.  If there is not, we will forever live the dictates of a megalomaniac or just plain maniac.  We need a corps of believers in a better life.  We need a hotter flame in more bellies.  Persecution will not last forever.  As the hat says, “We’re still here!”  We need fire on the mountain and in the belly.