Friday, January 20, 2017

Coup D'etat 2017

There we were on that dreaded day.  The founding fathers would say, "We did everything possible to prevent the situation in which we find ourselves."  My take was that this was the worst constitutional crisis in our history.  However I realized that these would be dictators have got nothing on the Civil War. We survived that.

The grief and despair of the Great Depression hurt us (and the rest of the world) deeply and we survived.  The nightmare of the Nazis and Japanese, a two front war, was eventually overcome by two great men:  Churchill and Roosevelt and the sacrifices of our incredible armed forces who faced the monster maniacs and won a war that had to be won for the sake of freedom in the world.
Too bad it didn't last.

Many European and other modern countries carried on where Roosevelt left off in creating Social Democracies, guaranteeing a safety net, universal health care, and higher education for those who wanted it.  What happened and how did it happen that the USA went the route of military industrial complex, war profiteers, and crooked medicine show hawkers more interested in marketing than researching cures?  Don't forget crooked banksters and insurance companies. It seems that the USA and Russia have an inordinate number of billionaires.

As the weasel said, "You knew I was a weasel when you let me into the chicken house."

So here we are.  To be honest I am sick to death of the moaning and groaning and also the same lame jokes. Tell me something I don't know. I may not be able to do much, but I am marched in Montpelier, Vermont on January 21.  Bernie Sanders spoke and we all listened.

These rich bitches masquerade in the cloak of fear and racism to achieve their true goal:  more money.  Why is it we elected an unscrupulous billionaire businessman and expected anything else?
Why are people so gullible?  Tell them what they want to hear and they would vote for Putin for which they may have already done.

What to do, what to do, what to do?  Organize and elect progressives from school boards to national legislators.  Hear this progressives:  unite, strategize, and never give up.  WE'RE STILL HERE! Let's summon the fire in our belly and fight back as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard and other prominent progressives do.  Take back America in 2018 and 2020.  These idiots are leaving the door open in their arrogant hubris.  Nothing is forever if we are willing to stand up and fight, not only for ourselves but for the families they seek to destroy, the poor who will die without the safety
net of health insurance and the scapegoated ethnic groups.  My advice:  provide safely zones for those in the greatest peril. It is deplorable to do less.

I refuse to watch the lies and misrepresentations of the corporate news sources.  Were they not the same swindlers who gave Trump billions of dollars in free publicity while ignoring the real story: the remarkable and positive campaign of the unlikely Bernie Sanders.  Bernie promised to carry on where Roosevelt left off.  What was in that for the corporations and rich guys?  Nothing at all.

You pay's your money and you takes your chance.  This time there are no return or exchanges.
To quote a famous teacher, "Throw the money changers out."  We must seize the opportunity today, in 2018, 2020 and beyond.  We will live through this and emerge stronger.  Hopefully we will learn from history this time.

Fight on, Carry on, Bern on.  Our Revolution must do no less.