Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If the Worst Happens, I Implore the Sanders Revolution to Run in the General Election

Please, please, please run as an Independent.  You are a principled moral man and I know you do not want to play the roll of spoiler.  However, in light of the foul play that the DNC, the Clinton campaign, the super delegate system, and the corporate media have perpetrated, you have every right and duty to run.

Yes, duty.  The Sanders campaign knows that with the enormous demographic of independent voters (the largest voting block in the country) Bernie would likely win the Presidency against the two most disliked and potentially damaging candidates in presidential election history.  Please do not allow us to inherit this hopeless disaster.

Now is the moment.  We may never have a better chance.  If we let this slip away, how much more difficult will it be for future progressives to expunge the unholy democratic/republican/billionaire oligarchy.

I leave it to the professional campaign organizers to get Bernie on all state ballots as an Independent.  It is not too late at all.  Do not listen to the naysayers.  If you do, we will never get this revolution off the ground and into the White House.

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