Wednesday, April 20, 2016

To Preserve the Peaceful Revolution

Bernie Sanders is a moral principled man.  He would probably not take this suggestion, but I raise it anyway.

Bernie will not lose on issues.  If we lose, it will be Clinton and DNC dirty tricks and rigged election outcomes that defeat us.  This is outrageous and beyond decency and democracy.

Hillary and Bill stand between us and peaceful revolution. If she would do the right thing and GET OUT OF THE WAY!  we would certainly win the general election and avoid a mid east war and a further entrenchment of the corporate billionaire dictatorship of America. 

I would like Bernie Sanders Revolution supporters to urge Bernie, if he does not win the nomination, to run for President in 2016 as an independent.  Four terms of Clinton:  1992-2000, and, I posit,  2008-2016 are four terms too many.  Look where these disastrous years have gotten us.

Bernie is an independent Senator from Vermont.  He is the longest serving independent in the history of congress.  Bernie Supporters, disaffected Democrats and Republicans, and most of all independents are a majority over Democrats and Republicans combined.

If the 2016 election cycle proves anything, the Democrats and Republicans as they think of themselves are through.
They think Trump and Clinton are the best we can do.  In itself, that sad fact impugns and discredits these sham parties which are actually just aspects of the same corruption.

We can prove them wrong.  Bernie can and will win if he is willing to run as an independent.
If we still hope for a peaceful revolution, then the time is now to elect Sanders no matter how it is done.
The alternative is surely Great Depression and War.
The choice is yet to be made.
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