Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Stand Corrected: I Would Not Support or Vote for Trump

I owe a clarification to my good friends who support  Bernie Sanders for President 2016.
Two days ago I posted that in a general election where Trump vs. Clinton that I would support and vote for Trump.  Upon consideration and soul searching I could never support the likes of Trump.
This is how my post was wrong:

1.  The nomination is in play and I believe that Bernie Sanders will be the nominee.  It is premature to speculate about the general election.
2.  I was engaging in speculative hyperbole but I failed to make that clear.  The misrepresentations and voter suppression of the DNC and Clinton campaign have made me angry and combative.  That is not necessarily helpful to the Sanders campaign.
3.  The point I was trying to make is that the Clintons are extremely dangerous to America.  Yet another term would enable them to further entrench the interests of the large banks, Wall Street, and the corporate billionaire culture Bernie is trying to break.
I lost a good job because my employer was forced out of business due the effects of NAFTA. The Clintons changed the course of the Democratic party in 1992, turning it to a conservative alternative to the bizarro ultra right wing extreme Republican party.
Nevertheless, I must stand corrected.  Even in the face of the Clintons, there is no good reason to support the likes of Trump or Cruz.
4.  If it comes to pass that Bernie is not the nominee, there are still options.  Here are some:  abstain from voting, write in Bernie Sanders, vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  Progressives could unite behind Jill Stein or another progressive candidate.

It is important for the Democratic party to know that large numbers of Sanders supporters would not vote for Clinton in a general election.

This should be clear to the DNC going into the convention in July.  The Republican convention occurs prior to the Democratic.  That is good. We will know who is the Republican nominee.  By July, it should be clear that Bernie has the momentum and energy of the voters. Clinton is not liked or trusted even by Democrats.  She is drowning under the weight of her own accumulated baggage.  She comes across as insincere.  By July it should be obvious that Bernie would soundly defeat a Republican and his coattails would help elect more Democrats to the Senate and Congress. 

Sanders' 30+ years in elected office (25 in the congress and senate) make him arguably the most qualified candidate running in either party.  His lengthy experience in the legislature would give him  greater leverage against obstructionism than was available to Obama.

Independents comprise a bit over 40% of voters.  For the most part, they are not counted in the primaries and certainly not in caucuses.
In November, they will vote for Bernie in large numbers.

Once Bernie gets past the Clinton inevitable juggernaut illusion, the campaign against whichever nut the Republicans run will be a cakewalk for the Sanders political revolution.

Thank you for allowing me to express myself and revisit and correct my previous post.
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