Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Have Officially Joined the Trump Campaign

I have joined the Trump campaign officially.

Disclaimer:  I am and will remain a strong Bernie Sanders supporter and repeat donor.   If, however, he is cheated and swindled out of the nomination by the voter fraud/ suppression of the Democratic Party by the Clintons and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, then I will be an active Trump supporter.

The Clinton machine has controlled American politics since 1992.  In my opinion, they ran the Obama administration with right of approval over every thing Obama has done or not done.
The only break from Clintons was Bush, and the Clintons were very supportive of him.

The Clinton juggernaut machine is like an incurable cancer with tentacles throughout the body politic.  The patient (America) will surely die if the cancer is allowed to progress.  Perhaps it is time to let the patient to die in order to kill the cancer.

Let Trump really frig everything up.  Then, at least we can start building anew.

A Clinton administration would really be the fifth term for them (counting the Obama years) and would permanently lock in the corporate domination for good.  How could a progressive Sanders like candidate in 4, 8 or 12 years break that lock?  In my opinion it would be impossible.

The Clintons must be stopped now.  If not, it may be too late for even the young to stage a political revolution.  

Bernie remains our only last ditch shot.  I will fight for him until the end.

But if it comes down to Trump vs. the Clintons, I am with Trump (or Cruz) all the way.

My heart is broken by my own decision.  Nevertheless, the Clintons must be stopped.