Sunday, April 24, 2016

If Hillary Was the Only Candidate Running For President I Would Not Vote For Her

The worst possible outcome for America would be another Clinton presidency. The Clintons 

are shameless corporate billionaire shills and power hungry war mongers.  I have listened to 

her campaign squawk and there is absolutely nothing she has to offer to improve the life of 

regular Americans.  She offers endless mid east war and a certain continuation of the 

degradation of the poor and middle class for the enrichment of corporate crooks.  Here is 

the difference between Trump and Clinton:

Trump worships money; Clinton worships power.  

Decide for yourself which is worse.

Trump and Clinton are the two most despised candidates for president in history.

Bernie is the only candidate who is honest, well liked,  and has the interest of the people and 

the country at heart. 

2016 election:  What is wrong with this picture?