Friday, June 24, 2016

Bernie Strong: No Brexit in the USA

Bernie Strong: Do not run Hillary against Donald. She will lose.
Look at the vote in Great Britain. People on the right and left said "No" to the establishment elite.  The public apparently had enough of indifferent politicians with their interests not at heart.  No one thought they would leave the European Union, but bigots' anti-immigrant sentiment may have ruined the British economy. Since we are all part of a multinational economy, the world finances are aggravated at the least. The same will happen here in the Presidency of Donald Trump. 

Furthermore Hillary Clinton should notice all the frustration toward the status quo.  The reason Hillary is so unpopular is the establishment elitist she is and  represents.
  The Democrats must wake up and run Bernie instead of the queen of glass ceilings, a legend in her own mind. Only Bernie can beat Trump.
Perhaps the Democrats are more interested in preserving their Clinton conservative credentials than in defeating Trump. That is a shame.
We need to run Bernie or we will have our own Brexit, in the form of President Trump.
Don't blame me, blame the DNC for running a weak and corrupt candidate with little or nothing to offer but empty promises and smirking contempt. One way or the other we have to get Hillary out of the way. She and her supporters are blocking the political revolution. They will not be able to do this forever. We need President Sanders more than ever. Remember: a vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary. 'Nuff said. Stay steady in the Political Revolution. Bernie or Bust!