Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chimerical Candidacy: Duck! Dodge! Hide!

I am lucky to live in Vermont. Bernie is still my Senator.

Suppose enough people write in Bernie and/ or vote for Jill Stein and other alternative candidates, it is possible that neither criminal candidate will get a majority and the election will be decided by Congress. Regardless of the result, history will record the lowest turnout ever and the least interest in two loathed candidates.

On another note, I am more than sorry that we have lost Elizabeth Warren, if we ever had her in the first place. She became corrupt sometime this year or earlier. I should have seen it coming when she did not endorse Bernie.

I want to believe the best, give a person the benefit of the doubt. Naive as I am, I did that. Now it is irrefutable that she has defected to the shills of big banks and corporate billionaires.

If Warren is offered a spot in Hillary's chimerical administration, do not fall for it. She would only be a decoy, a straw woman if you will.

They will try to make it look like she is kicking banker butt, however, like everything Clinton, that too would be illusion.