Thursday, June 23, 2016

We Flexed Our Muscles

What more can I say? 

And where do we go from here? 

Student loans will not go away.  Jobs may not get any better.  Stuff will continue to be expensive.  Health Care costs will rise exponentially, it seems.  We will get the same old shiznit or worse.
With all this, who would be satisfied to let the Political Revolution fade out:  nobody!

In the good old hippy days, our people topped out around age thirty.  In the current demographic, we are good through forty-five.  The movement is represented in all age and ethnic groups.

If he “whose name cannot be mentioned” or she devil shillary smirking insincerity joust with each other on twitter or elsewhere, we should not be very interested.  There are important deeds to be done. 

We must elect good people who believe in the cause.  We flexed our muscles and the establishment winced.  We won primaries and caucuses and we will win elections.  I think that is the key, electing, electing, and electing at every level.  Eventually the White House is not out of reach.

The establishment crushed the baby boomer love children with Vietnam.  Now, I think they will use poverty as their crusher of hope.  They will not be successful.

No matter how you look at it, all demographics age.  Do the math.  I think it unlikely our younger brothers and sisters will have much to be conservative about.  It is not a matter of if, but of when.  My guess is longer than we would like, sooner than we think.  Now we have to do the work.

Rather than fall apart, it behooves the Political Revolution to organize and direct energies toward finding credible candidates and running campaigns.  The next step is running local and state governments.  We need to elect honest, decent, visionary people who believe in social justice.
Bernie Sanders will never give up and neither should we.