Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Queen of Evil: Broken Promises and Smirking Contempt. Peddling Fear


Don't Fear the Reaper. Bernie or Bust!I I find it impossible to support the Democratic platform or Madam Queen of Evil. The platform is her "tell."

The Democrats expect our votes out of fear of the boogie man. Maybe we fear and loathe the Shill Girl and her Democratic minions just as much as the Evil Orangutan.
Bernie said he would withhold endorsement of the Shill pending consideration of the Democratic platform. Like a slap in the face, the Democrats have adopted many Republican positions which Bernie fought against. These include no $15 minimum wage;
no single payer health insurance; no end to Palestinian occupation; yes to war in Syria; yes to fracking; and yes to trade deal TPP (which Clinton said she opposed during the primaries, another broken promise.) The crown princess of expediency has done it again.
I do not see how Bernie Sanders and we Berners can be expected to fall our swords and cave in to this donkey doo doo. DDD is the new BS.
In their glorious hubris Democrats believe the political revolution will rally to Hillary out of fear of the buffoon boogie man.

As much as I hate to think it, Trump may be the answer to ending the malevolent Clinton dynasty. That does not mean the Orange Dumpster has my vote any more than the Shill of Wall Street. Let the chips fall where they may: I will not vote out of fear. A vote for Clinton or Trump is a vote for a candidate without interest in bettering our lives. Who wants that?
There is an abundance of good reasons not to vote for either. Vote for Bernie instead.

Bernie will most likely rule out a third party run, though I would not close any doors yet. If he does, with nearly half of the Democrats and an overwhelming majority of independents, he just might win the general election. Let's hope Bernie feels the burn enough to run in the General Election. We need an advocate for our interests and I think he is the best candidate and he can win.

In the final analysis Bernie Sanders must make his decision. In any case he will continue to inspire and lead the Political Revolution. The Democrats and Republicans as we know and loathe them today are dead on arrival. Fear and loathing exists not only in Las Vegas.

For the rest of us, time is on our side. We will prevail if we do not give in to fear and we persist, persist, persist. Our Political Revolution is not going away and neither is our inspiration, President (Senator) Bernie Sanders. Stay steady for the revolution.