Monday, June 27, 2016

Involuntary Transparency: We Do Not Deserve to be Slapped in the Face



Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton agree on one thing:  Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States.  That is the same as saying cancer and tuberculosis are bad for us.  It’s a no brainer.  The only people who support the evil menace are hateful racist leaning pathetic souls who want to blame the government for their problems.  Furthermore, Hispanics, Muslims, blacks and women are on his excrement list.

People tend to vote against their self interest.  Many are convinced that the government rather than the multinational corporations is causing their poverty and misery.   Why would a billionaire buffoon actually help them?  That which billionaire Trump really cares about is other billionaires, yet he has convinced millions that he cares and intends to improve their well being.

That is where Clinton comes in.  I will give her credit for not having a manure list except for liberals and progressives like Bernie and the political revolution.  Like Trump, she only cares about billionaires and has disdain and contempt for the rest of us.  Witness her disingenuous smirk.

Beyond her smarmy smirk, she shows her true ugly colors in the Democratic platform.  It could have been written by Republicans.  She has broken every half hearted promise on the campaign trail and in debates when she pivoted left to try to neutralize the Bern.  When Bernie became a serious threat to her inevitable glass ceiling breaking ordained since her loss in 2008 nomination, she and Bill began to feel the Burn.  It ought to be proved eventually that the DNC and the Clintons rigged the primaries like they rig the economy.  She did not accumulate delegates, pledged or otherwise, for her positions or judgment.  In actuality, without the cheating and election fraud she would not be writing the platform.  “Bernie beats Trump” would be the headline.  And isn’t that what we all want?

We have known Hillary so long that her deceiving nature has come to be expected.  Lies are the new normal.  She is transparent, not that she wants to be, but her moves have become eminently predictable unfortunately.  She is afflicted with involuntary transparency. 

Bernie withheld his endorsement and is going to the convention to try to make it a contested process.  He expects concessions from the DNC and Clinton in return for his endorsement.  He has already said that it is up to Clinton to convince his supporters.  So far she is doing a piddle poor job.  The party opposes Bernie by cheating, cheap shots, and all manner of fraud, legal and otherwise.  Nothing is more important to her than the power of the Presidency and she will never stop grasping to grab the prize to which she feels so entitled.  If she thinks that offering the traitorous Elizabeth Warren the VP or another administration prize will appease us, she’s got another thing coming.  What is in the platform for Bernie and for us:  absolutely nothing. 

She balked on single payer, carbon tax, fifteen buck minimum wage, the end of the occupation of the Palestinian territory, and now supports the TPP disastrous trade deal which will kill more jobs, and fracking.  Sounds Republican to me.  What seems to be lost in the boogie man fear is that Hillary is closer to Donald than she is to Bernie.  Like the Trumpster, she gears her policies to the benefit of corporations and bankers.  She does not have the racist part of his package, but that is her only advantage.  Life under either Clinton or Trump will be a continuation or worsening of the nightmare that the rich have visited upon the rest of America.  Billionaires are poverty creators and it works to discourage and defeat people.

Since Bernie was cheated out of the nomination, and since Hillary will not budge an inch on the platform, what does she offer for his endorsement?  Again the answer is absolutely nothing.  Why is she so intractable?  She believes the political revolution, like lemmings, will follow her into a sea of despair.  She could not be more steeped in hubris.

We all know that Bernie dreads the thought of a President Trump as we all should.  Hillary thinks that fear and loathing of Trump will be enough for her.  That is why she ignores our issues and does exactly as she pleases.  Compromise is not her thing.

Here it comes:  we need Bernie to run as an Independent or a Green.  Too many of us will not be represented in the general election if the two evil money grubbing egotists are the only candidates.  We should do the math.  Without Bernie in the race, there is likely to be the lowest turnout as a percentage of eligible voters in history.  Who will represent liberals, progressives and independents?  Bernie can win in a three way race.

He needs to hit the campaign trail and do what he does best.  In a Federal election I would like to think that one party will not be able to practice election fraud on a massive scale.  You only have to be registered and there is plenty of time for that.  He wins an overwhelming majority of Independents.  Almost half of the Democratic voters support Bernie.  And, even though she is courting them, disaffected Republicans would go over to Bernie before the dreaded Hillary.  We have all come to know the real Clinton and it is not a pretty sight.  Even Republicans know that.

Bernie is a legitimate candidate.  He needs to run in the general election.  We have built up too much Bern to let it be smothered by the furtive fungus.  The orange Dumpster is a paper tiger.  With Bernie in the race the outcome will be Sanders, Clinton, and then Trump.  Bernie is clearly the only candidate that people like and trust.  It is absurd that the two deficient unfit candidates should run unopposed.  Bernie has every right and duty to run.

Perhaps his best bet is to run at the top of the Green Party ticket as he has been invited to do.  As I understand it, they are on the ballot in most if not all states.  The whole nation needs to Feel the Bern as we do.  This is perhaps our best chance for the White House ever.  Getting past Clinton in a national election will be much easier than in corrupt Democratville.

Run like a gazelle.  Feel the Bern.  Hillary offers nothing and does not deserve the nomination and certainly not the presidency.  Why is it out of order to desire a candidate who actually cares about helping people?  He should be the people’s candidate.  He already is.

Make a statement, stand up for our rights.  Bernie should persist and prevail.  He would serve the cause by not caving in out of dread of Trump and rejecting the drubbing we will get at the convention.  Vote for Sanders, vote your conscience and it will all work out.  If it does not, then at least we will sleep peacefully on election night.  Bernie or Bust!  There is no other viable way.