Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Case For Bernie: A Cold Day in Vermont


Bernie Sanders has an unblemished record in over 30 years of public service including eight years as Mayor of Burlington, VT, our largest city.

In the congress and senate, he has made thousands of considered votes with impeccable judgement. Over that time, Bernie has voted unerringly on issues of foreign policy (2002 Iraq resolution) and trade legislation, usually in the minority.

History has proven Bernie's judgement right and Clinton's to be dead wrong.

Bernie is responsible for countless amendments to passed legislation. Working with Republicans including John McCain, Sanders passed the most extensive Veterans Bill in many years.

As a Vermonter, I can tell you that Bernie has worked tirelessly to secure benefits for his constituents and to promote business and jobs in the state. Not only has he been a consistent champion of the poor, the old, children and minorities for social and economic justice, he has served the state of Vermont with distinction. Bernie enjoys an approval rating of 87% among Vermonters, the people who know him best.

In the primary, Bernie won 100% of Vermont townships. 100%

Bernie has not given in. He knows that he is the Democrat best positioned to defeat Trump.

Bernie and the political revolution actually won the nomination but had it stolen through various forms of election fraud. Witness California, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona. Nevada and many other states. Millions of voters were dropped from the rolls, deceived by changing rules, and given worthless provisional ballots which were not counted.

Even if Bernie loses the nomination, he has not and will never give in.  In his political career of more than 30 years he has been advocating for the poor and middle class. Would he abandon his cause and the political revolution?

That will be a cold day in Hell. And Vermonters know more about cold than hell.

And by the way, not that there's anything wrong with it, unlike this high plains drifter Bernie does not smoke.