Saturday, June 25, 2016

What in the World?

Sixty-five million years ago a big rock the size of Mt. Everest slammed into what is now the Gulf of Mexico.  A cloud of water vapor, and dirt formed over the earth for at least two years causing perpetual winter.  Our friends the dinosaurs (don’t think Barney, think Cretaceous Park) could not survive the cold, or find food, or get into small places for cover.  So they died or grew feathers and evolved into birds.

Small furry creatures, the early mammals had it better.  With fur, they resisted the bitter cold.  They were able to dig into the ground for food sources, and they were tiny and fit into cozy nooks and crannies.  As we know, eventually the dust and debris settled down and the sun came back out.  However, the dinosaurs, chief predators and rodent eaters, were gone.  Over millions of years, the proto mammals grew larger and by and by came to dominate the earth.

Certain of these large mammals got smart and came down from the trees.  They began to  stand upright and to run, and run marathon style.  They learned to use tools and fashion weapons for hunting and killing each other.  Those who migrated North wrapped themselves in skins to ward off the cold.  Some even got religion and painted bison pictures in caves for good luck and to please the powers that be.  They loved, grieved, lusted, and fought.  These early people were not very different from ourselves.

Technology is the big difference.  Spears became arrows which became catapults, then guns and cannons, artillery, planes and bombs, and finally the nuclear bomb.  The Bomb. 

Scientists, philosophers, generals, politicians, and good citizens speculated on the outcome of a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR.  Scientists concluded that besides the blasts and fallout, dirt and debris would rise in the atmosphere blocking out the sun.  Sound familiar?  They called it nuclear winter.  We would be facing massive extinction once again, this time we will be the dying dinosaurs.

These days, Pakistan and India, two mortal enemies, have enough nuclear bombs to cause the dreaded nuclear winter.  Arms in the USA and Russia are increasing.  Religious fanatics are trying to buy or steal a bomb or dirty bomb.  And that strange anomaly in North Korea, Kim Jung Un, is doing who knows what.

If we manage to dodge the bomb, we are killing ourselves by burning fossil fuels.  Fire was invented a long time ago.  Solar is the new flame.  How about that:  if the bomb doesn’t get us, climate change will.

Into this lethal conundrum come the militant neo conservative Hillary Clinton and the orange maniac  Donald Trump.  Just imagine either with their finger on the button.  The thought is positively chilling.

Bernie Sanders, who believes in a strong national defense, is a man of peace in a warring world.  That is a daunting position, but Bernie thrives on challenges.  His challenge now is to win the nomination which he actually did win if not for election fraud.  If he does he will easily defeat the evil orangutan and we will finally end the malevolent Clinton dynasty.  If not, he will serve as inspiration for the Political Revolution which will go forth and win elections and eventually the White House.

If we live so long.  With either corrupt nutcase in the catbird seat, all bets are off.  That is the elephant (or donkey) in the room.  And the room is the world.  Who will get to the finish line first?  If it is not Bernie Sanders it seems to me that it does not matter much.  Stay steady.  Bernie or dust.