Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (With Apologies to Sergio Leone)


Here I go again and if you know me, you know how this one is going to turn out.  Bernie, of course is the Good.  He served 25 years in the Congress and Senate and his net worth including a modest home in Burlington is significantly less than a million bucks.

Contrast that with the 350 congressmen (including 70 Democrats) who voted with Big Pharma to not let Medicare negotiate the cost of drugs as every modern country does.  They donated 7.2 million to congressional campaigns which averages more than $23, 000 per friendly congressman.  You would think that if they spent less on bribing congressmen and were prevented from TV advertising they could lower the cost of drugs.  But for them it is out of the question. Along with bribes from Pharma, these greedy congressional hogs accept money from other wonderful industries including fossil fuel, Monsanto, the armaments industry, private health insurance companies, big banks and Wall Street.  No wonder billionaire corporations dominate this nation.
Shame, shame, shame!  It used to be called bribery and was punished by stiff jail sentences.  How did we become so corrupt?  The next time you are faced with buying questionable drugs or bankrupting yourself, remember that Big Pharma pays the biggest bribes of any of these crooked payoff donors to our legislature.  Our elected officials are supposed to be concerned with our welfare, not that of corporations.  Big Pharma and these other corporations simply have too much money.  And yet people continue to vote for prostitute representatives.  Perhaps they figure they are all on the take so what difference does it make.  Consider the Good, Bernie Sanders, and a few other Good men and women who have not gone over to the dark side.

I will spend less time on the bad and the ugly because they are repugnant and I do not care for or about them. 

The Bad is obviously billionaire Trump.  He incites anger in angry people.  He promises the world and delivers nothing.  How gullible are his supporters to believe he has their interest at heart.  What started as a joke for him has turned into a joke on the American people.  Trump has bad intent.  He raises hatred of minorities and like a magic man nothing he says (no matter how outrageous) seems to hurt his standings.  He supports more than walls, deportation, discrimination and scapegoating.  He thinks the minimum wage is too high and favors tax cuts for the richest of the rich.    Trump has made billions and pays little or nothing in taxes. No wonder he is secretive.  I repeat, this guy is bad.

Now at last we discuss the ugly.  By process of elimination we know ugly is hypocritical Hillary.  She speaks of helping the poor while taking bribes from every industry previously mentioned as well as private prisons which she and Bill helped to fill via the draconian crime bill of the 1990’s.  She too is secretive.  She will not clear the air about the speeches she made to big banks for big money and will not reveal the content of her lucrative talks.

Clinton and the DNC did not allow a fair nomination process for Bernie Sanders.  They disenfranchised voters, cheated at every caucus and primary, and deliberately miscounted votes always in their favor.  I will leave it to the lawyers and courts to reveal the details.  Can you say “election fraud?”

The mainstream media ignored the millions who were "feelin' the Bern."
Bernie was always the American people’s favorite and instead of the honest candidate who actually cares about the welfare of the common American, we get the Bad and the Ugly, the two most disgusting and distrusted candidates for President in history and worse yet running in the same election.

We all know that losing to Obama in 2008 she was promised by the party the position of Secretary of State and the nomination in 2016.  After all, someone had to crash the glass ceiling.  She is not shy about bragging about her dishonest apparent victory.  A woman was bound to win the office of President soon.  Why do we have to be stuck with the expedient ugly one?  Women of America, hold off before you rejoice and realize the mess we are likely to have if this corporate shill wins the Presidency.  She will not even make concessions to Progressives after billing herself as a “Practical Progressive.”

Just once it would be odd and wonderful if the Good came out on top of the Bad and the Ugly.  The disaster is on the shoulders of the corrupt Parties.  If Bernie does not win the Democratic nomination, we face the prospect of a Bad Republican vs. a de facto Ugly Republican.   Without Bernie, the billionaires and big corporations win.  Either way the Bad and the Ugly will be devastating to the American people.

Which is worse, the Bad or the Ugly?  It really does not matter.