Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump Terrorism and Hillary Hype: Bernin' Down the House


Hillary will beat Trump without the help of Bernie Sanders supporters.

Why should the Political Revolution after being cheated in nominating conventions support the highness of hubris.  What incentive is there to support someone who lurches to the left calling herself a “practical progressive” and then helps construct the most conservative Democratic platform since Bill Clinton who posed as a liberal and became a surprise Republican, New Democrat and a Neo-liberal.  His shortcoming in terms of commander in chief is that the country did not engage in any protracted pugilism and now he has a chance to fulfill that dreadful fantasy.  Will he be the “first gentlemen” or washed up money sucking third term President?  We can speculate on that dilemma.

Why then would anyone vote for disreputable Hillary and sleazy Bill?  The answer to that question is the horror of Trump.  I admit to being na├»ve.  Until a several days ago, I thought of him as a baboon, baloney purveyor, buffoon barker with no serious ideas and no clue as to how to carry out his loony, lecherous, loathsome, lurid, asinine agenda.

Then the Trumpster named Mike Pence as his vice president, Bush/ Cheney style.  Compared to Pence, Trump is Abe Lincoln.  Pence does not believe in climate change, he does believe in conversion therapy for gays.  He is a poster boy for the religious right.

Contrary to Trump’s claim, the Governor of Indiana presided over the 23rd slowest economic growth in the country.  Trump has signaled that this more experienced politician will run foreign and domestic policy,  the nuts and bolts of administration while the Dumpster presides over ceremonial affairs, state dinners, and entertainment and parties.  Is that not what he is all about when you peer beyond the racism and clone like Mussolini resemblance, there is a preppy party boy not unlike W?

The “glass ceiling” was previously broken by eighty female leaders of nations.  We should also consider Cleopatra, Nefertiti, the many female Pharaohs and of course Queen Elizabeth the first.  The reason Americans will vote for the biggest corporate shill since Bill and before him Reagan is Trump terrorism.

Trump and Pence are scary.  Regardless what people say; in the voting booth the fear will grip them and they will vote for “crooked Hillary.”  Clinton's claim to the oval office is her gender and that she is not as bad as Trump. 

Talk about setting the bar low.

I will vote for Bernie Sanders or Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.  I hope and believe that most Political Revolutionaries will take the Bernie or Bust route.  We must not fall for the Hillary Hype.  If she is afraid of Trump, then the DNC should nominate a Democrat who could devastate the boisterous bum.  That candidate is Bernie Sanders.  However the DNC is busy suppressing Bernie, breaking glass ceilings, and fulfilling eight year old promises, unrealistic now due to the corporate voracious pacmen who are devouring us all.

If you think Hillary will not reward those corporations and rich riffraff who funded her life and campaign, there is a straight jacket waiting for you.

Stay true to your conscience in support of progressive ideals and do not vote for the fungus or the tiger.  Both are the wrong people for the job.  I repeat, with his idiotic ideas and mean and horrible VP prick,  Trump will not make it.  No way!

Join me in voting your conscience.  Bernie was right all along:  we need change we can believe in.  Go to Philadelphia, make noise, and Bern down the house.  Make the biased DNC and super delegates “feel the bern.”

Lets win this one or at least build the foundation for Progressive candidates.