Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where Do We Go From Here?

What do we do now?

Bernie Sanders is a man of integrity and grace.  He is humble and respectful. Bernie accomplished a major coup; an American political heresy.  He awakened us to the dream of a fair and positive country and culture.  He sounded the urgent alarm on climate change.  He would have beaten Trump and become an outstanding President. His stature in the Senate will no doubt be much greater and he will be the inspiration and leader of the Political Revolution.  His place in history is assured.  And he is not done yet.

How disappointing that the two candidates who got nominated are so gross and disgusting.  Vladimir Putin is now the second most dangerous person in the world.

I used to think of Trump as somewhat funny:  an orangutan blowhard, buffoon carnival side show barker.  Then he nominated Mike Pence and the Republican Convention slithered onto TV.  Trump is the mongrel offspring of Hitler, Mussolini, and Beelzebub (and this from an atheist:  Corey Booker said that observing no religion was now permissible, thank you very much.)

A progressive platform is proffered by the Shill of Wall Street.  Even Bernie said this was the most progressive platform in Democratic history.  What about FDR and JFK? 

If she is running so progressively, why does she favor fracking, TPP, and Tim Kaine, a conservative.  

Even if the platform is progressive like Bernie says, who will hold her female feet to the fire if she is elected and basks with Bill in the unlimited power for which she has lusted so long.  Nobody will be able to hold her to her promises.  We all know how well she keeps promises.  They are kept only if it is expedient to her.  

So, what to do?  I have felt the Bern for 15 months now.  Never in my long life have I invested so much time, emotion, and devotion to a political cause.  I would hate to go against Bernie, but I am reluctant to vote for a person I consider to be immoral, in league with Wall Street and billionaire corporations, and so greedy for the Presidency to be willing to bend or break election rules.  A pants on fire Pinocchio In league with the DNC, she denied Bernie the election which he deserved to win and would have if the nominating process was fair and honest.  Bernie says the first step for the Political Revolution is defeating Trump.  Who could argue with that?

My heart says vote for Bernie anyway even if it is a write-in.  My brain says vote for Jill Stein.  The Green Party shares many of the same values as Bernie and the progressives.  They are on the ballot in most states.  My fear says hold my nose and vote for Hillary in order to stop the dreaded Trump.  What ever I do, my decision is faulty and unsatisfying.  Trump is really scary, he must never get to the Oval Office.

My anger and disappointment say do not vote at all.  That is not an option for me.

I repeat, what should we do?   I yearn for the Bern right now.