Friday, July 29, 2016

The Wicked Trump

It makes me sad, but I have to agree with much that has been said here in the Bernie for President 2016 community. I too feel the disappointment and perceived betrayal. But is it really a betrayal?
Unfortunately few Bernie supporters have broached the subject of the nature of a Trump presidency. He would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices and we would never overturn Citizens United, the source of corrupt funding and legal bribery of crooked greedy legislators.
Trump is a racist fascist demagogue and megalomaniac. Reagan was the opening act, a dress rehearsal for Trump. Like Reagan, he will use ruthless and experienced Republican operatives to carry out his dark and hideous agenda.

That said, I dislike and dread Hillary almost as much as Trump. Only a nut like Trump could even make me consider a vote for the lying, expedient, corporate agent Clinton. If Hillary wants my vote, she can start by attempting to be a better person; this time making good on her promises.

I like Jill and her policies. I am with the Political Revolution and so is Bernie. We will see whether he still feels the Bern. I will not blame or disdain him after all the Berning I have done. Bernie thinks the best option for the progressive movement is keeping the wicked Trump out of the White House. Is he right or veering right?
What do you suppose Trump would do to us Revolutionaries?

I am still undecided and looking for answers.
The one thing I know for certain is that we have started an important movement and we must do that which will best carry the cause.
The Bern may now be embers, but you can be sure it will flame up again. The revolution is not about elections, it is about a process. It is not about a man but a movement.
Let's lick our wounds and Feel the Bern again.