Saturday, July 30, 2016

Alone With My Indecision

I feel stranded on a planet of indecision.

Hillary was dead to begin with.  She was dead on arrival to the convention.  I’ll give her this:  she delivered an inspiring speech with cutaways to the beaming Bill vicariously reliving his glory days.  Problem is there is a striking lack of veracity in her progressive pretending.  I give her a 10% or less chance for having been honest.  People laughed and applauded on cue, but it rang hollow.  Why do people cheer a cunning collusion with corporations.

Trump presided over a fear and loathing convention.  It will be a long and horrid road to “Make America Great Again.”  My suggestion:  get out of the race and take your billionaire corporate life sucking bunds with you.  This guy scares me and I am not ashamed to admit it.  He believes he is the only savior capable of saving our crippled nation. A racist fascist blowhard, he has plenty of Republican operatives lusting to bring about the foul winds of change Trump style.  He is selling us a dark vision, one assured to turn into a black hole.  The last person to gaze into Putin’s eyes and find a good and decent man was the great and wonderful George W. Bush.  What a fine example to follow.

Then there is Jill Stein, a fair and honest woman with values close to those of the Sanders Political Revolution.  I can envision the Greens and Political Revolutionaries banding together in a third party when this current malicious nonsense is over.  Problem is can she win?   It would be as joyful as it is unlikely.

I want more than everything to vote my conscience.  Those who fear Trump are not just whistling Dixie.  They are not fear mongers duped by desperate deceitful Democrats.  This demagogue is destined to push us in a very destructive direction which, with Supreme Court nominees, would carry cursed conservatism for generations.  Corporate establishment Hillary is little or no better at best.

I have not yet decided how to vote.  I will vote no matter what ensues.  That is my right and responsibility.  For now I refuse to pour cold water on the Bern.  He got this movement going, bigger than anyone expected.  I suspect we have not heard the end of Bernie.  There are down ticket progressive candidates to support and Bernie has not ruled out another run.  

We have to continue to Feel the Bern for the movement.  Bernie would point out that no one man is as important as the process of great structural change.  Whether we like it or not we have to be steadfast and patient.

My vote will depend on events yet to happen.  It is not an easy decision.