Saturday, July 30, 2016

Scum and Scummer


Do not deny it.  The majority of Americans even marginally interested in politics were rooting against a Trump and Clinton general election.  Some may be resigned to politics as usual, but this is far worse.  These two are likely the least deserving or capable of serving as President and Commander in Chief.

We could go into their many shortcomings and long winds as has been done to death.  Here is a different slant:  I am offended that such egotistical elitist punks feel entitled to the most powerful office in the world by self promotion and proclamation.  Who died and left them boss? 

So why, to the disgust of many did these two dangerous corporate cons get the go and who is responsible.  The causation lies with two archaic parties who need to become extinct as Tyrannosaurus Rex (no offence to this noble creature.)  While we are at it, we need to get rid of legislative whores who represent corporations for bribes rather than the people who elected them.  Is jail appropriate for bribe taking?

The Democrats need to reveal without deception their conservative cadence.

A third progressive party needs to be consolidated.  That is where Bernie’s Political Revolution, the Greens, and any truly liberal Democrats and Independents come in.  We will all feel the Bern again and sooner than we think.  Vermonters have learned never count Bernie Sanders out.  His message is in his genes.  He could not stop if he wanted to which he does not now or ever despite his apparent endorsement.  He wants to beat Trump, who can blame him for those sentiments?

The Republicans need to go away.  Their nomination of Trump and rush to his sleazy side is their swan song.  These operatives and religious nuts are paranoid to the point of psychosis, candidates for strait jackets.  Beginning with Reagan, these control freaks devolved into the Tea Party who hate everybody and any idea that emanates elsewhere.  

They crossed the line of dirty politics into plain old insanity.  There is nothing new in the political world.

It’s the Parties.  They do not care a hoot about the quality of their candidates.  The Democrats cheated and chaffed Bernie in order to keep a lame promise to Hillary made in 2008; she is less relevant now than then when an obscure Senator put her in her place.  Between her and Bernie, she is the lesser candidate.  The party’s choice over the popular and qualified Sanders could lead to a Trump White House.  Imagine that.  We may live to be sliced to bits by the falling glass ceiling.

The Republicans disdained and dismissed Trump while one by one being humiliated and dropping out.  When the grim truth was no longer avoidable, they flocked to their nemesis like moths to a light.  These guys will jump on any band wagon they think will carry them to victory.  Problem is the driver is a megalomaniac among other horrible traits too numerous and too well known to dwell on here.

Our conscience dictates that we vote for neither anointed one and cast one for Jill Stein or whichever progressive gets on the most state ballots.  Right now, the Greens are getting closer than anyone else.  Perhaps it is time to start the Political Revolution right now.  Why wait?  Corporate capitalist America has crushed the American people long enough.  The time for major structural change is now.  One certainty is that the conservative Democrats and nutcase Republicans will fight the bad fight to prevent that from happening.

We need to ignite the embers in order to delight in our progress.  The Bern still feels us.  Those who deny Bernie do so at their own peril.  I Feel the Bern.  Do you?