Saturday, July 9, 2016


To tell you the truth, there is not too much to write about lately.  Not to mention I have been somewhat out of touch due to a broken computer and the need to get away from politics for a little while.

I know that Bill and Loretta had an airplane meeting about grandchildren and the next day the FBI announced they were not bringing criminal charges on Secretary Clinton.  Funny how these coincidences coincidentally pop up at convenient times.  Some people are just lucky, I guess.
Also, I know that James Comey indicted Clinton in the court of public opinion.  He pointed out many faults and potential dangers she allowed, her inconsistent stories, and questionable judgment.  He either did not have enough to proffer criminal charges or he was hearing voices from above.

Whatever the case, the old Shillver is tarnished even more and is looking less Presidential every day.

Furthermore the State Department almost immediately restarted its own investigation, the findings of which have not been happy for HRC (Her Royal Cheerless) so far.  Another  coincidence?  There are state Department career people who resent their information being treated so free and loosely.  It put some of these people in potential danger and jeopardized covet investigations and deals.  They are not happy and Bill Clinton has got no goods on them.  We hope.

And then there‘s Trump.  Yes, Trump.  Remember him?  I doubt he will let “Crooked Hillary” off the hook on this one.  He is just not a gentleman like Bernie Sanders.  You can’t blame Trump.  That is his shtick and he has not done too badly with it so far.  Trump is like a black hole:  criticism, if it gets beyond the event horizon, is not going anywhere but to a cosmic singularity.  You just can’t get to the guy.  Moreover, as we have seen, Trump has the knack of getting under people’s skin.  Hillary has thin skin to go with her thick skull.  I am surprised she wasn’t cut to pieces breaking the glass ceiling.

Trump could not get under Bernie’s skin.  He has tried but it did not work.  Bernie is just too honest and forthright.  He is the real deal and leaves no room for the Trump torment temptation.  The Democrats have got to take the blinders out of their eyes and think about winning the White House if they are sincere about preventing potential President Trump.  The polls continue to show Bernie the candidate to beat in a Sanders vs. Trump race.  Sanders is the only candidate with positive approval ratings.  Unlike Hillary or Donald, people genuinely like Bernie.  Even those who disagree with his positions give him credit for honesty and authenticity.  Who believes that the two paragons of venality are virtuous?

Demographically speaking and with independents able to vote, there is no way the unsullied people’s champion would lose to the barking buffoon.  Ironically, super delegates were instituted to make sure the party runs the most electable candidate, not to fulfill the egotistical expectations of a former First Lady, an unproductive senator, and a disastrous, secretive, and self serving Secretary of State.   Why is the Democratic Party drafting so conservative a platform?  A platform built with old wood is bound to collapse.

I have just heard that the Green Party has offered Bernie the top spot on their Presidential ticket.  The best bet for Bernie and the nation would be for him to run as a Democrat and Hillary to just go away.  A new broom sweeps clean as they used to say.  And we have a big pile of swill to get rid of.

Far be it from him to disturb the DNC, Hillary Clinton or the media, Bernie announced that he is not conceding and still very much in the running for the nomination.  I think he can do it.   Never underestimate Bernie Sanders, do not count him out, and don't be shocked by surprises.

I have done some reflecting.  Without election chicanery, Bernie could have won the battle of delegates.  As it is, Clinton will come into a contested convention short of the necessary delegates.  Hillary’s taintedness, lack of an appealing candidacy, unpopularity and susceptibility to the taunts of Trump (who would have more material than Bill Maher and Steven Colbert against the deviant diva) must have Trump rooting for Hillary.  Bernie would beat Trump on the campaign trail and obliterate him in debates.   Isn’t it high time for good to triumph of evil?  I am ready and there may not be a better chance in my puny insignificant lifetime.  If we do not elect Sanders or someone with similar beliefs and the same firebrand commitment soon, we are doomed.

So, whether as a Democrat (the better option,) or as a third party candidate the people need Bernie Sanders in the general election.  It is the time for idealism in America and this time the climate is ripe to give us dreamers a shot.  The establishment might be surprised by how well we handle the gravitas. 

I choose to cast my vote for truth over coincidence.

It is hard to believe Sanders and the Political Revolution would do worse that anybody in the last 40 years.  Feel the Bern and stay hot.  The fat lady has yet to sing.