Sunday, July 10, 2016

Marvin the Martian

What would Marvin the Martian think about our electoral customs and rituals?

Might he conclude that United States people are illogical, cantankerous, and gullible?  Or would he think it was business as usual.  Is it business as usual?

He would see a good man being adored by the masses and defiled by his competitors.  He would observe an honest unpretentious man trying to help the disadvantaged in a greedy selfish nation, and world.  The Martian would witness an inspirational individual urgently warning about an ailing world and the need to use clean energy and innovation.
He would probably hear before see the strident agitating nasty fellow haranguing a small mob.  It might remind Marvin of the early radio signals from this strange and lovely world.  The ugly harangue was happening even then.  He might speculate that this guy is bad news at best.  If Marvin is empathetic he might fear for the American people as well as the entire Orb.

And then he would see a laughing lady exciting small gatherings, chatting, one of the folks.  He would hear her speak with force warning of dire consequences if either of her rivals grabbed what she had desperately wanted.  The cries of the old and young, sick and homeless, poor and miserable would be absent, a sad silence.  If he cared to listen closely Marvin could detect a sly cunning lady who would offer a bit and deliver the bite.

I think he might scratch that cute big head and realize the equation was complex and convoluted.  It would not make sense in any universe.

A good man, a bad man, and an ugly lady.  These people must be Looney Tunes.