Monday, July 11, 2016

The End of Hope: Goodbye...

Looks like this is going to be my final blog post.

The news could not be worse:  Bernie is going to endorse the vile Hillary Clinton.

The buffoon or the battleaxe.  The tiger or the fungus.  Either way, we the people lose.

What do I do now?

Should I join the Trump for President campaign?  As an honest person with an aversion to racism and hatred, I have a hard time supporting this guy.

However, he is the best chance of stopping the Clintons from harming the country more than they have already done.  Just think about it:  a third term followed by a fourth followed by years of Neo Liberal domestic policy and Neo Conservative foreign policy.

We are doomed either way.  The billionaires are snorting coke and drinking champagne now in celebration.  Which ever way it turns out, they win.

Life is a gamble.  Four years of the unstable maniac or forever Clinton time.

Bernie could be the solution if people would lose their optical obstruction and start making sense. For once we had a candidate who could make a large positive contribution and we let him slip away.

This time we actually had a good and decent alternative but were too blind to see it. That is a shame.

The only person who can stop evil Hillary is Trump and he is a no good bastard.

I repeat, what do I do?

I honestly have no answer.  I will be truthful with my friends here:  I have considered suicide rather than face 50 or more years of Clinton and Clinton surrogate rule.  Whether Clinton or Trump wins we are going to be stuck with billionaire corporate rule that will make us more impoverished every day.

The way I see it, Trump would be a temporary inconvenience against whom we could mount a serious challenge in four years.

Clintons are eternal and inevitable.

Am I a voice in the wilderness?  Does anyone else feel as defeated and dejected as I do?

Bernie says he has gained concessions from Clinton on the platform.  If so, she will not live up to her promises as she never does.  How can a smart and experienced politician like Bernie be taken in by this crap?  I am not fooled.

If Elizabeth Warren was a disappointment, Bernie's finale is devastation.

I love Bernie and everything he has done, but even Bernie could not get me to support or vote for the queen bitch of the world.

I might not mind as much if she had won the nomination fair and square.  I could stand it if she were really a Democrat.   As it is, we have two philosophical Republicans running for President.
That leaves me absolutely no choice.

So, I say farewell to my friends and Bernie supporters, to the campaign, and to hope.  I am too old to ever see freedom and justice in America while I am still alive.

Defeated and disheartened we were so close.  If Hillary gets in, it is all over for us for a generation at least.  My kids may never know freedom or justice unless they move to Canada which, thank goodness, one of them is going to do.

My beloved younger daughter figures I will be a refugee at her doorstep some day.  If I live so long, she is probably right.

My wife says there is nothing I can do and she is also right, short of joining the Trump campaign.  As a person of Jewish origin, how can I support someone who scapegoats, mocks, and persecutes people?

Goodbye friends, goodbye Bernie, goodbye hope and promise.

For those who remain, good luck.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for somebody.  I honestly do not know for whom.

I regret being so grim, but that is all I have today.