Friday, July 15, 2016

The Fungus or the Tiger


Trump is the tiger:  big, scary, orange and dangerous.  The thing about a tiger, though, is that you can see him coming.  A target is provided.  One may flee from or fight the beast.  It has shape and form albeit dreadful and menacing. 

Hillary is the fungus.  Like the world’s largest living organism, a 2.4 mile long honey fungus residing beneath the Blue Mountains of Oregon,  Hillary is a shape shifter and impossible to pin down.  When you think you have dealt a death blow, the fungus simply regenerates the severed piece and carries on. 

The question is:  Which is more dangerous, the tiger or the fungus?  No one will dispute that a tiger is a serious beast.  I would not want to face one.
The problem with the fungus is that it is not possible to face it.  Though vast and inclusive, the fungus lays underground invisible for the most part. 

The tiger will attack viciously and tear you to shreds.  The fungus will eat slowly keeping the host alive enough to serve its requirements.

Which unpopular repugnant candidate will we get?  Take your pick, it really doesn’t matter.