Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Shill and Dumpy Will Bleed us Dry: Why the Clintons Must be Stopped.

I think that the Clintons are stoking the fires of fear about Trump.

I do not like Trump. I will not vote for him. However, I can't help but think that on election night I will be hoping Hellery loses. Bernie's political revolution will stand the best chance if Trump is elected because Bernie could run as a Democrat in 2020 and, as you know, he would win.

Both the tiger and the fungus have no idea how the regular people live nor do they care. I believe conditions will get worse under either one.

I do believe that $hillary is more militaristic than Dumpy.  Even the Dump as a private citizen opposed the war in Iraq and is less bloodthirsty than the Shill who has a score to settle in the Middle East. 

Make no mistake, Trump is a bad guy and a would be demagogue.  However, the Clinton dynasty must be stopped before they recruit younger neo liberals and make our children bleed for the next generations. Republicans and "practical progressives" are the same thing with different titles and slightly different tactics. The Republicans are mean and strident. Democrats pretend to be our friend but they too are strident. The smirking Clintons are more dangerous than the haranguing Trump.

The ultimate goal of both parties is too repeal any social benefits, exacerbate poverty, increase control, and push more wealth to the wealthy. The Shill may try to pawn off Elizabeth Warren, a liberal who I liked and supported. on Bernie supporters. She has gone over to the wealthy person lobby. There is no way that $hillary would allow her to implement financial reforms for the consumer and the economy, if in fact she was ever sincere. I am beginning to doubt she was a true progressive in the first place. She did not endorse or rally for Bernie.

Trump will have his hands tied by congress, the military, the covert agencies, and common sense. He will get into twitter fights with low ranking politicians and the media. He is not smart enough to initiate programs that have any chance of passing. He gets people worked up but then backs away from his most extreme positions. The mainstream Republicans (an endangered species) were more than eager to jump on the Trump bandwagon. That is not because they like his positions that is because they will do anything to grab more power.

This year we had our best chance to end the Clinton rule with the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.  He is clearly the most popular candidate and the one who would bring relief to the American people.  But $hillary was promised the nomination in 2008 for 2016 and she needed to break the glass ceiling for the benefit of all the women lacking benefits and working in Wal-Mart (she was on the board of directors from 1986 until 1992, McDonalds and other cheapskate companies.  The glass ceiling will not raise pay or make affordable day care a reality.  It will not help women or men get a college education without mortgaging their life away and then not getting jobs commensurate with their level of education.  The wanna be first woman President will not fight big Pharma and will not address climate change.  She will not improve health care by cracking down on private insurance and big Pharma, the two biggest cost factors that make health care in the USA the most expensive in the world.  Her “status quo” will not help women or men or children or senior citizens, female or male.

Four years of Dumpy followed by a run by Bernie or a liberal, progressive firebrand (yet to emerge) could enable political revolutionaries to capture the White House easily and voter demographics support that assertion.  Two more Clinton terms will ruin us.  Don’t the rich elites have enough advocates already?  The Clintons are not even pretending to support liberal planks in the platform yet they expect support from the very people who they cheated, misrepresented, allowed almost no media coverage and will screw at the convention.
I for one do not buy into the boogie man theory.

Either the Shill or the Dumpster will be a disaster.  I happen to think she would do more harm than old Dumpy. 
I will not be disenfranchised.  I intend to vote for Bernie or perhaps Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.  Hopefully enough people will vote for third party candidates to and turnout will be historically low that the election is thrown into Congress.  At least it would be a protest by the American voters against cramming such distasteful, unqualified, dishonest candidates down our throats.  I have a very sore throat.

Vote for down ticket progressives and liberals in elections from local to national.  That is the only good option as I see it.

Vote your heart, not your fear.  We may have to wait a bit, but we will prevail if we do not quit.