Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Can You Say President Trump? Don’t Blame Me.

It is obviously more important to the DNC and HRH (her royal highne/ass) to break the glass ceiling than to win the general election. Can you say, "President Trump?"

If we let that happen, it won't be for lack of effort, belief, or contributions. It will be the work of the establishment elite, the New Democrats of the Clintons, using every inch of their malevolent machine to subvert and deny our political revolution. She snubs us at her own peril because she believes:

1. Most of us will support her out of Trump fear. False!
2. Moderate Republicans will flock to the candidate they have reviled for years in defiance of party leadership due to their loathing of Trump. Dream on!
3. Snubbing us will not cause a permanent rift in the Democratic Party. Bring it on!

Even if appointment to high office is offered to the once trusted Elizabeth Warren as sop to the left, people will not buy that it is sincere without a guaranteed detailed liberal platform.

Even then who could not help doubting veracity in light of recent and aging history?  I will have to see substantive changes in favor of the people in regard to Wall Street regulation and penalties as well as a breaking up of the big banks.  I would need a modern version of the Glass-Steagall banking act with sharp teeth to regard Elizabeth Warren as anything but a rank betrayer.  Since Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall leading to the crash of 2007-2008, the holding of breath is not recommended.  

She is closer in many ways to the rich and famous Donald Trump.  We have all seen the affectionate High Society photos Clintons and Trumps schmoozing it up.  I think she is contemptuous of millions of Bernie Sanders supporters; many of whom will be there in Philadelphia.

Hillary and Donald, despite self claims to the contrary, are not smart.  They are cunning and well versed in their particular cons.  However, both are prone to overconfidence and a propensity to make mistakes.  These two are a race to the bottom.  Rather than the smartest candidate winning, the dumbest will lose.

This is what we have come to, America.  There is less than no excuse:  we have a wonderful, practical, honorable option Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Que sera sera.  Who will shoot themselves in the foot first and worst?   Which one will be more successful in artfully dodging looming legal pitfalls of potentially problematic proportions?  .

This is where we are America.   Historians and pundits will think they can explain this perversion, but that analysis would have to be so complex that most would not have the patience to try to decipher it.

I will continue to campaign and vote for Bernie Sanders whenever the opportunity presents.  On November 8, 2016 Bernie Sanders gets my vote.  No matter how it looks on November 9, I will be at peace with my conscience. 

My refusal to vote for Hillary should not be construed as support for Trump.  It is not my fault.  After all I told the Democrats to go with Bernie.  Don't fear the reapers...