Sunday, June 19, 2016

American Women: Find a Decent Candidate, Not Just Anyone Will Do. Bernie Deserves Serious Consideration.

It just creams my corn!   Why do the political machines and media have to make it so hard for the first honest presidential candidate in 70 years who is real and humble and truly cares about the American people?   Why do the billionaires need so much help from the likes of $hillary and Stump (no sp. error in either case.)  It makes me sick and makes me feel like the USA is not as different from Putin land as we like to think. Elections in the USA are phony and decided outside the ballot box.

$hillary may not be saved by Obama from prosecution. After all, Obama wants the crime to end at $hillary, not seep up to him. He does care very much about his legacy. And, what does he owe her? Nothing at all. Look how she treated Obama in 2008. She was a crook then as now, only she has had eight more years and plenty of power to work her evil and generate more corruption.

Anybody but the Queen on the Glass Ceiling would go to jail for playing loose and easy with classified State Department messages and then lying about her ignorance of wrong doing. She installed that server in order to hide whatever she wanted to hide from FOIA, the Congress, the State Department, and the American people (remember them $hillary?) Why did she delete 30,000 "personal" emails? Would your boss let you own 30,000 emails on company equipment while working?  What was in those emails?  Was it yoga lessons or data relating to influence peddling by the Clinton money laundering Foundation for State Department grants, favors, and access?  Could that be possible?  Would the Clintons sell out America for money?  Let the reader come up with the most likely answer.

Bernie is doing the right thing by staying in the race until the convention. $hillary does not have enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination.
She may be indicted or seriously injured by FBI revelations. The FBI will have their say one way or the other. Better for her to suspend her campaign before being nominated and being busted during the general election or worse, by impeachment if she actually could win.

People need to understand urgently:  Hillary is not important.  We do not need her for President.  We need her to just go away.  There are many qualified female potential Presidents out there.

Better to elect somebody we can support and be proud of like Bernie Sanders than the disgrace of the dishonest, lying, crooked glass ceiling buster.

She should be breaking rocks, not glass ceilings.

Let the first woman President be a worthy person, that is far more important than gender. Bernie is Jewish and so am I but I assure you that is not why I support him.  I never supported Joe Lieberman because he was a corporate shill like our current Democratic Machine darling.  Personally do not think these things hold much water, but those who care might want a qualified, good willed, people friendly, honest and ethical role model woman in the White House with proven good judgment to kick it off in the proper and distinguished way.  If I cared about these things, I would rather wait than elect the wrong person just because of gender.

Whatever you think of Obama, he campaigned and governed as a proud and smart American patriot, not as an African American except when dealing with shootings, poverty, prisons and other issues that directly affected that community.

Obama knows how it feels to be scrutinized simply because of your race.  He knows the racism of the Congress and the Republicans.  Yet, he never wore his race on his sleeve or expected special accolades for being black.

That part of his legacy should serve as a role model for anyone in any situation.  His conduct as President can be compared favorably to that of Jackie Robinson in baseball when he truly broke the baseball bigotry ceiling.  Robinson was a great man.  In many ways, Obama is also.

Hillary will never be a great person due to her lack of ethics and corporate $hilling. Glass ceiling breakers:  my advice is to find a candidate who deserves the opportunity and position. Not just anybody will do.

I've said it before and I'll not stop now:  Bernie or Bust!