Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Right Stuff: Do The Democrats Have The Resolve To Win?

Despite what they say or do not say, there are many prominent Democrats who support Hillary Clinton for President primarily because she is a woman. There is nothing wrong with electing a President of any gender, race, or background to promote diversity in our democracy. However, a candidate must have "the right stuff" not simply the right gender. The goal of Democrats should be defeating Donald Trump. That is the only objective. It is becoming more clear every day that Clinton could lose to Trump while Bernie Sanders would likely defeat him. Is Hillary Clinton with her worn out empty promises and track record of expediency so important that the Democratic party is willing to allow Trump in the White House? This election cycle confirms to me the wisdom of my decision to quit the Democrats (after a lifetime) and go independent. Trump represents the billionaire corporate elite, racists, fascists, and angry crazy people. Clinton represents the billionaire corporate elite and regime changing war mongering Bush/ Cheney neo conservatives. Sanders represents the American people. Why is it so difficult for the Democrats to figure that out? Bernie wins with independents and beats Trump nationally and in battleground states. I am beginning to question the resolve of Democrats to win.