Monday, May 16, 2016

Democrats Need To Wake Up: Bernie Will Trounce Trump

The Democrats are so stuck on their tired, intellectually bankrupt, corporate friendly, expedient, disingenuous, former Goldwater Republican, six year board member of Walmart, self ordained candidate, that they are willing to lose the general election to the fascist Trump. To those with eyes that see, voters want anything but the status quo, even Trump. Hillary does not offer change and that is what the voters crave. In a general election vs Trump, Hillary will lose and take down the party with her. Bernie is the best Democrat to challenge Trump. We know that his message resonates with voters, brings new people to the polls, appeals to the large Independent voter block, and generates huge enthusiastic crowds and great hopefulness. People want to support a positive political revolution. Bernie will defeat Trump and help elect Democrats and Progressives with his coattails. We do not have to sacrifice this election for Hillary. What has she done for us lately? Bernie is ready and able to trounce Trump. Democrats: Wake up!