Friday, May 13, 2016

Dead On Arrival: The Two Party System in America

In case you did not read the obituary, the two major political parties are already dead. Unless Bernie gets the nomination, we are presented by those parties two of the most pathetic deficient candidates imaginable.

The largest block of voters in America is Independent. Under party rules, in too many states these voters are locked out of the primary process altogether. There is a reason people are leaving these parties: they are corrupt and unresponsive to the needs of the poor and middle class. 

Bernie wins independent voters in great numbers. If we are serious about stopping Trump, then we must work to nominate Bernie as he is the strongest candidate to beat Trump.
Recent polls nationally and in battleground states support that fact.

I seek structural change because this country is in such dire straits that incremental change will not suffice. Our infrastructure is a dangerous embarrassment. Do you think that income inequality will improve under either Clinton or Trump? The Clinton's have worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to promote the interests of corporate America and Wall Street and amassed a fortune along the way.

I will never vote for Trump and I would encourage others to not vote Republican as well. However, that does not mean that I am obligated to support a candidate for the one reason that she is not Trump. We need to disregard the narrative of corporate media propaganda and nominate Bernie Sanders.

I have voted for the lesser of two evils many times in the past. The problem is you still get evil one way or the other.

This time enough is finally enough. The farce must stop.