Friday, May 6, 2016

Bernie and the Criminal Zombie Banksters

It has come to my attention that in the case of another bank collapse such as the meltdown of 2007-2008 taxpayers are no longer on the hook to rescue criminal banksters from potential losses from high risk investments including financial derivatives. The risk has been shifted from taxpayers to depositors.  Instead of Bail Out, there is now Bail In.  These "too big to fail" banks are allowed to use FDIC insured deposits to cover their bad investments. Depositors may end up with worthless bank stock. Under Dodd Frank, this is legal. The banks have more liberty than ever to gamble with other people's money, keep their winnings and stick depositors with the bill when they lose.

Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, understands the problem and will act on it. Zombie banks must fail for the good of the nation and the economy. Hillary will do nothing because she is a friend of these banking white collar criminals.  Bernie fights for justice and fairness in banking.  Hillary gets rich on speaking fees to these greedy pigs.  And it was Bill Clinton who in 1999 repealed Glass Steagall which had protected depositors since 1933.  Perhaps Bill Clinton thinks he is smarter than FDR.  I disagree.

Bernie or Bust! There is no other way. We deserve and have earned the one candidate with the decency to care about people and the courage to act.

The convention will be contested. Stay steady for Bernie.
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