Sunday, July 3, 2016

Top Heavy

It’s tome time.

No one could honestly argue that our economy is not top heavy.  With an obscene amount of wealth and income washing over us like a tidal wave, it floods and renews the one tenth of one per cent.

The physical law of gravity dictates that a top heavy structure will collapse under its own weight and crush it and everyone below.  Don’t the billionaires realize this and worry about it?

Why should they.  With mounds of money safely stashed in offshore tax havens, assets in real estate worldwide, precious metals and jewels, rare and valuable artwork, and items of practical value such as cars, yachts, and jets, what exactly have they got to worry about?

Like people who live on an earthquake fault line, they are playing chicken.  However, unlike potential earthquake victims, they have a safety net.  They are betting on yet another year of accumulation before the “earthquake” comes.  And if it comes tomorrow, they are prepared.  Well prepared indeed.

What about climate change?  If they do not fear for themselves, perhaps they would be concerned about their children and grandchildren.  Not likely.  For one thing, many are in denial about this inconvenient truth altogether.  Those who are open to the possibility most likely take a page out of science fiction and figure to escape in spaceships or to live underground or under water.  Think of the great jobs such undertakings might create.  See, they told us they were job creators.

In the mean time these people are experts at creating poverty, dumbing down the population with poor schools, expensive college, lead in the water and those ridiculous smart phones.  They squeeze every drop out of the poor and almost extinct middle class in order to spread misery and thus increase their control over us.  For people without hope it is disheartening to organize or rise up.

Bernie Sanders has awakened a spark of hope not seen for around fifty years.   He has given us the freedom to believe we can make this world a better more equitable place for everyone.  The billionaires could easily afford to cough up some more tax money and never miss a cent.  Why do they resist so vehemently?    The answer is not about money, it is about power and absolute control.

Voting is one of our last birthrights.  Observe what the Democraps did to this dangling liberty and to Bernie Sanders.  He did not get a fair hearing due to the corporate media and the flimflam tactics of the DNC.   On the other side of the aisle, the Repuglicans  and conservative Supreme Curt have gutted the voting rights act.  People are deleted from the rolls, intimidated, forced to stand in interminably long lines.  Voting machines are owned by private,lobbying companies and not subject to audit by independent observers.  The process has gotten so corrupt that we need United Nations supervision of our elections.

All this is happening in the United States.  We were and are supposed to be the bastion of democracy.

Support Bernie and the Political Revolution.  For 40 years we have been practical progressives, neo liberals for those who prefer that term, and we have been bled dry in this grim experiment.  If you ask Bernie and me, it is high time for some idealism.

Stay steady, Bernie or Bust.  The Political Revolution must not be crushed or fade away.  Let’s hope the earthquake and earth changes hold off long enough for change we can believe in.

I Am Mad as Hell and I Am Not Going To Take It Anymore