Monday, July 4, 2016

The Desperate and the Homeless

I too was almost homeless, in fact I had some instances of homelessness. 

Times were easier and I went to college.

I bought a small piece of land and built a cabin. I traded up and eventually built a home on 27 acres. I sacrificed by not paying rent and applying the money to land payments and building materials.

It is hard to realize sometimes that you are a worthwhile human being and deserve the dignity to which we are all entitled The billionaires are no better than you or me.

Support Bernie. Listen to his speeches for inspiration. If I could make it, anyone can.

Work. Get a job from manpower or wherever you can find. Waiting tables is the best paying unskilled work. I did a lot of that. Also, cooking will ensure you a decent meal at least once a day.

Go to community college or at least night school,

Listen to music, go to concerts, do anything that uplifts your spirit.

Never give up. Do not surrender your power. The fortunate ones have enough influence already. Where there is hope, there is life. Where there is life there is power.

Stay strong, stay steady, support Bernie and most of all be your own best advocate.

Carpe Diem!