Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Open Letter to Joe Biden; Time for the Rats to Disembark

I hope my outrage is premature and I intend to give Vice President Biden every benefit of the doubt. Hillary Clinton is sinking. She is clearly a victim of her own misdeeds, untrustworthiness, and lack of inspiring policy. She is blinded by her incredible expanding ego and self anointed inevitability. Though the corporate media, counting super delegates who do not vote until the convention, have already crowned their presumptive queen, the tide may be turning.

We are all familiar with Secretary Clinton’s ever more obvious deficits:  legal problems from her negligence (or worse) as custodian of classified information as Secretary of State; high disapproval numbers that rival those of Trump; an uninspiring lackluster campaign; clear affinity for the corporate billionaire group over the American people; a disturbing downward trend in polls at the state and national level vs. the Donald in a general election.

Bernie Sanders clearly has the momentum and enthusiasm needed to win the nomination and crush Trump in November.  He has come from behind to a dead heat in the California primary and may indeed win on June 7.  The likelihood is great that neither Clinton nor Sanders will have enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination at the convention.  The nomination will be contested.  Sanders will appeal to super delegates to honor the will of the voters in states where he won the primary or caucus only to see his delegate lead wiped out by super delegates, many of whom aligned with Clinton before Sanders or anyone else had even declared their intent to run.  He will argue that he is the strongest Democrat positioned to defeat Trump.  Clinton’s legal problems may remain unsettled or become even deeper as more information surfaces.

There are ominous hints in the mainstream media that Hillary just may not make it, heaven forbid.  Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is likely on her way out and the people are sick and tired of DNC dirty “backroom machine” politics.  Establishment Democrats may soon resemble the proverbial rats deserting a sinking ship.  The wringing of hands is almost audible.

What are the Democrats to do?  Bernie Sanders enjoys a surging enthusiasm as great or greater than that of Barack Obama in 2008.  He clearly out polls Trump by wide margins and has not even had, unfortunately, the opportunity to debate the orange menace yet.  Bernie has millions of loyal hardworking true believing supporters who will labor tirelessly to get out the vote.  As Bernie is fond of pointing out, Democrats win when turnout is high.  Have the Democrats lost the will and desire to win the white house and reclaim the congress and senate?  Or are they just too stubborn or blind to see the obvious winning campaign already at hand in the Sanders political revolution?

What has got my goat is the paragraph in the media which inevitably follows a report on Clinton’s woes:  the new “white knight” of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.  In this new and unexciting narrative, the convention is hung and Biden (or John Kerry) is drafted by the party to be the insurgent winning nominee against the evil maniac Trump.

What is wrong with this picture?

Neither Biden nor Kerry chose to run for President in 2016.  Biden decided for valid personal reasons last fall to not enter the race.  Kerry is busy with his duties as Secretary of State and to my knowledge has not expressed any interest in the presidential race.  Only Bernie and Hillary actually campaigned and competed in primaries and caucuses.  Sanders has debated Clinton and brought issues vital to the American people such as income inequality and campaign finance corruption to the forefront. 

I want to stress that I am in no way impugning Biden, Kerry or anyone else for barging into the process.  Neither has offered to do so or given any indication of interest in that direction.  I view both men as far too honorable to try to take away something for which neither has worked or fought.  In my opinion, Joe Biden and John Kerry have loftier morals and ethics than the pundits who suggest either usurp an undeserved nomination.

To these analysts and pundits I say this:  How dare you suggest that Bernie Sanders and the millions of people who have voted, campaigned, knocked on doors, made phone calls, attended rallies in numbers dwarfing attendance at Clinton or Trump events, donated, written, spoken and believed in this political revolution be denied what they have rightfully earned.  Are Democrats really that ignorant?

If Clinton is somehow able to overcome her mounting negatives and win the nomination then so be it.  We may all have to suffer the nightmare of a Trump presidency.  But if Bernie successfully makes his case at the convention, why in the world would anyone want to bring in a non running non candidate just to foil the Sanders revolution?  This is a particularly poignant point when you consider Sander’s substantial edge over Trump in a general election match up.

Why is it such a terrible thing to consider reviving Franklin Roosevelt’s economic bill of rights as Bernie is attempting to do?  Is it not time for the pendulum to swing back to the people after 40 years of corporate billionaire good times?  Is the desire for demilitarization in favor of rebuilding our failing infrastructure a bad idea?  Why is giving the American people access to health care, education, living wage, and returning to them the human dignity that the billionaire class has sucked out  such a hard sell to the Democrats, who after all, conceived these ideas in the first place.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt would find the current Democratic Party abhorrent.  Why do we even have to discuss Biden or Kerry or whomever when we already have Sanders.

For FDR, it would come down to Bernie or Bust.