Thursday, June 9, 2016

"It Ain't Over Till Its Over"

Bernie has not given up and neither have we.  He can still win the nomination.

Moreover, Bernie's candidacy in the face of overwhelming odds has been an inspiration and has proven that a candidate can run a highly effective campaign with the financial support from ordinary people like you and me with donations of $27 bucks more or less.

The campaign has been a catalyst to the birth of a great political revolution.  Personally, I think that over the next four years we must work diligently to elect progressives at all levels of government.
The vast majority of the supporters of this political revolution are 45 years or younger.
(I am an old guy of 64.  I was there for the Vietnam and Civil rights movements, Woodstock, and the peace and love generation.  Like everyone I am subject to ageing, but I refuse to get old.)
Look at Bernie, 74 and stronger than most of us!

Anyway, youth is on our side.  We must work to reform the Democratic Party, eliminate corruption (think Hillary and Bill, and Debbie Wasserman Shultz) and return to our roots of the party of the average American People.  If the Democrats insist on supporting billionaire corporations, then we must consider them de facto Republicans and reject both anti American political parties.

Perhaps the answer will be to start a third party.  Call it Progressive, Independent, Green, Democratic Socialists, New Deal or whatever.  Perhaps we can start a contest to name the new party.  I would be interested in hearing creative ideas.

The point is that we are young and are the future.  As any student of American history knows, we have faced tough times before.  The American people are resilient, resourceful, and determined.
Remember, we are the 99.9%.  Arithmetic proves that we can and will prevail.  The billionaires are destined to crush themselves under the weight of their own rigged economy.  What they are too greedy and stupid to realize is that unless working people have money to spend, the economy is doomed.

Furthermore, if we fail to provide the opportunity for a decent education for our people, we will continue to fall behind competitively to the rest of the world in technical cutting edge jobs and breakthroughs.  Who wants to see the Russians or Chinese build the first permanent base on the moon?  Not me, that is for sure.

Contrary to the insanity of Donald Fascist Trump, America is great.  All that needs to happen is to defeat the stranglehold of the .1% and take our country back.

We can:  provide our working people a living wage; develop a fair and economical Medicare for All single payer health care system like the rest of the civilized world; make our banking system safe, responsible, and in service to the American people; end fracking; transform incarceration to education and employment; revive and make safe and vital our cities; repair our infrastructure; and stop our evil bullying, self destructive militaristic adventurism.

 We can all enjoy the fruits of this wealthy and beautiful country by forcing the .1% to pay their fair share and quit hogging all the rewards for them. Workers deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  To deny this is taxpayer subsidized corporate welfare and is criminal.  There is far more than enough wealth to go around when you eliminate the greed.  When people have jobs, hope, and a decent chance to live with dignity, watch how quickly crime, racism, and social ills begin to diminish. People, all people, only want a chance to make their efforts count.  We can and must get private health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry under our control to bring the cost of health care to a manageable level as most other countries have done.
And while we are at it, we can get those disgusting and unethical big pharma advertisements off TV!

We need to get these lobbyists, PAC's, and corporate campaign donors to stop bribing our elected officials.  We must elect people who, like Bernie, cannot be bribed and throw the crooked ones in jail where they belong.  That is the only way we can reclaim our country for the people.  Government officials who are sell their votes and influence belong in jail along with Hillary and Donald.

My advice:  let us work to elect every progressive to office that we possibly can.  Under no condition vote for Trump or Clinton.  No matter what, do not let yourself vote for either criminal.  For Hillary and Donald, jail is the new Orange!  We have a good and honest man with progressive humane issues running for President.  Why must we accept the "lesser of two evils" when there is a trustworthy, smart and compassionate candidate for us.
The lesser of two evils is still evil.  We have come too far to accept that defeatist nonsense.
Stay strong and committed. Time is truly on our side.

Billionaires beware:  your glory days are coming to an end.  Consider yourselves on notice.

Progressives unite:  stay strong, and never give up.  We have already won.