Monday, March 21, 2016

The Inevitability Swindle

                                                                                March 21, 2016

K.C. Shepherd

Hillary has been selling this myth since 2008.  Now, even the Donald is pitching it.

We know from history that when a lie is repeated loudly and stridently enough the simple minded are inclined to believe it.   This weak and illogical ploy always raises a red flag with me.  If someone’s course is inevitable, why then must they self proclaim it?

To the inevitability swindler it is a self fulfilling prophecy.  “Since I am inevitable, everyone should vote for me.”  However, an inevitable candidate may find it difficult to generate enthusiasm. 

Bernie is the candidate of non inevitability.  As we know, a year ago Bernie was polling 3% nationally.  Even during his surges and victories he is relegated by the mainstream media as unelectable. Yet, just yesterday Bernie drew 30,000 people to his rally in Seattle.  And that is far from an isolated incident. 

Significantly, the Sanders Campaign has succeeded with only the donations of regular people averaging $27.  No other candidate can proudly make that claim.  How many polls must be released showing Bernie defeating any Republican by a wide margin until the media runs the story?  As Bernie accurately points out, Democrats win when turnout is high. 

Mainstream Democrats will tend to vote for the Democratic nominee because they do not want a Republican elected.  However, Bernie brings in large numbers of young people and independents.  He also brings in the disaffected.

 After decades of “lesser of two evils” elections, many have turned away from the political process altogether.  When Bill Clinton created the “New Democrat” in 1992, he was proclaiming the end of the New Deal Democrat.  In effect, that left us with Republican and Republican lite.  This was clearly a Clinton homage to corporate America.  Is there really much difference between a “New Democrat” and a Republican?

Bernie represents the return of the FDR New Deal Democrat.  His honest and consistent message resonates with people.  He is the only candidate on either side generating enthusiasm in a positive way.  

People ought to be offended by the inevitability swindle.  It attempts to promote a candidate whose issues and policies alone are insufficient to garner wide support.  In a perfect world, a nomination would be decided on issues, not cheap shots and swindles.