Friday, March 25, 2016

The Democratic Party No Longer Exists

                                                                                               March 25, 2016

K.C. Shepherd

Hillary and the Clinton machine are the establishment.  She is the most crooked candidate since Nixon.  The dynamic of Democrat vs. Republican is an illusion (since 1992) designed to divert attention from the rigged economy and rigged election process.  Hillary represents big corporate money and the willingness to rig elections in every way.

The only alternative is Bernie.  But he may have done too good a job of exposing Clinton for what she is.

This is my 11th presidential election since I have been a voter.  My dad was a New Deal Democrat.  He lived through the Great Depression and had the greatest respect and admiration for FDR.  I too was a lifelong Democrat until my recent switch to Independent.

Bernie said last August that he would support the Democratic nominee if it were not him.
I still believe, even in the face of DNC and Clinton election fraud and swindle, that Bernie will win the nomination.  I had vowed earlier that if Clinton won the nomination I would hold my nose and vote for her to block the Republican.

I am having second thoughts about that.  The Sanders campaign is about opposing everything that the Clintons advocate:  Corporate Culture, Wall Street, Big Banks, Pharma, armaments, extraction and neo-con global adventurism.  Her words may sound similar to Bernie's, but she lives in a culture of money corrupt politicians.  In short, the Clintons are the problem, not the solution.

Now, unless he changes his mind Bernie would not oppose Clinton in a general election.  A write in campaign is unlikely to succeed.  I am loathing abdicating my franchise.  These are my thoughts:

1.  Bernie wins nomination-no problem
2.  Clinton is indicted or so damaged that, fearing loss in the general election, the party forces her to suspend her campaign-no problem  

3. Clinton wins nomination and Bernie runs as an Independent-no problem
4. Clinton wins and Bernie throws support to her-PROBLEM
Trump is repugnant and dangerous.  Clinton offers a further entrenching of the corrupt system that got us to this dreadful point.  If scenario #4 is the case, I am inclined write in Bernie.  

For now, we must continue to work and donate for Bernie to win the nomination.  If we fall short, then perhaps Bernie will reconsider an Independent run.  Forget about party unity:  there is no Democratic Party left to unify.