Thursday, March 24, 2016

Do Not Support Hillary Clinton!

                                                                                                March 24, 2016

K.C. Shepherd

Achieving a great goal is often accomplished with risk.  I believe that Hillary is more dangerous than Donald.  This is why:  The democratic/ republican alliance in support of the billionaire class and their myriad minions has dominated American politics for at least 25 years.  Bill Clinton trashed the "new deal' democrat in favor of the "new" democrat or republican lite.  In so doing, he guaranteed the corporate culture a free hand to do their nefarious deeds.  Another Clinton presidency would further entrench this alliance and make it that much more difficult to enact true structural change.

As we all know, opposition to the unchecked rule of the corporate culture is the cornerstone of the Sanders campaign.  If Bernie is denied the nomination, it will not be over issues.  It will be by various swindles and cheap shots such as, most recently, the Arizona primary fiasco.  To ask Sanders supporters to embrace a candidate (Hillary) who is a shameless shill for the billionaire class is the height of arrogance and absurdity.  I can see no reason why it would be in my interest to support Hillary Clinton.  

A president is not a king or a dictator.  Even in the unlikely event that Trump was elected, he would never be able to enact his ridiculous proposals.  A wall will not be built, eleven million people will not be deported, and American Muslims will not be rounded up or persecuted.  We have a constitution and a balance of powers to counteract a potentially rogue president.  Moreover his proposals are logistically impractical and will never happen.  A Trump presidency would be a four year debacle and would open the door for a strong progressive challenge in 2020.

One way or another, I will be voting for Bernie on November 8.  If Bernie does not win the nomination (and I still think he will,) he could mount an independent challenge. While Hillary and Trump go for each others' jugglers, Bernie would continue to carry on his positive issue oriented campaign.  Some would point out that ordinarily a third party candidate is not viable.  The 2016 election is far from ordinary.  The unlikely successes of Bernie and even Trump demonstrate that we are not in a business as usual cycle.  If it turns out, as the media would have us believe, that Hillary and Donald are the candidates, they are so undesirable that a Sanders independent bid could upset them both. 

Remember, independents overwhelmingly support Bernie and they represent 41% of the electorate.  Add in the rest of us Bernie supporters and some disaffected democrats and republicans and there is a victory coalition.  Bernie is the only candidate with favorable approval ratings and also who is perceived as honest.

I will be supporting Bernie until the end, even if by write-in ballot.  That decision is why I am at peace with my conscience.