Saturday, July 2, 2016

I am Mad as Hell and I am Not Going To Take It Anymore

I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.
This is not Putin land last time I checked but we are heading that way. Election fraud by the DNC and Clintons has been so rampant that it cannot have escaped the watchful eyes of the Federal government. Massive discrepancies between exit polls and official results tend to substantiate that allegation.
I understand that party primaries and caucuses are policed by state law and the lawsuits begin on the state level. What if Neo-liberals control the state government as they do in many cases? Also, Republicans have no need to prosecute the DNC for voter fraud since their favored Dem, the $hill monster, won and they believe they have the weaker candidate to face the fascist Trumpolini. Are the crooked Obama and his pawn Attorney General Lynch interested in fair elections? Are they in the corner for Hillary as they appear to be? Will there be an indictment if the FBI recommends one over the emails or conflict of money interest between the Clinton State Department and Clinton Foundation? And by the way, why is the FBI suddenly deafeningly silent on these matters? I would think that under conditions where there are known discrepancies in at least: Iowa, Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona, New York, and California and suspicion in many others, that the Federal government would have formed an independent task force to investigate violations of fair election practices and even civil rights.
Strangely nothing has happened along these lines. I get the sense that the DNC, the Republicans, and the Obama Administration had ordained Hillary Clinton their Golden Girl before the Iowa Caucus and perhaps back as far as 2008. Why the Republicans? Viewing her dishonesty and abysmal record as Secretary of State, they desired a vulnerable and weak opposing candidate against Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush, Kasich or whoever. Then along came Bernie Sanders, the thorn in most everyone's side to screw things up for the DNC and Clintons. What an inconvenient truth he has been. They just couldn't let the nomination process take it's own course but had to rig the elections like they have helped rig the economy for so long at the behest of their corporate partners. It used to be debated whether the government or the corporations were frigging up the people to the greater extent. Both arguments are fallacious. The government and corporate America are actually partners in screwing up the economy to rig the financial system to reward the wealthy and squeeze the rest of us. Enough is enough. We had the best chance in many decades to peacefully overthrow the oligarchy and reclaim our once beautiful, beneficent nation. Perhaps that was not to be this time, but it would have been decent if we could not wonder what the outcome might have been in a clean election.
Perhaps, heaven forbid, Sanders and the political revolution might have taken the first step in overthrowing the oppressive billionaire multinational and banking class. But that would have been asking too much. In order to make it to a national election overseen directly by Federal Law (which has been gutted in recent years by the Republicans and conservative Supreme Court) perhaps a third party or an Independent movement is needed. That may be the truest path for the Political Revolution. Far be it from me to advise a such a wise and decisive man as Bernie Sanders. However I cannot keep my big mouth shut. If Bernie does not win the Democratic nomination, the DNC decides to run a deficient criminal candidate, and Bernie declines to run as an Independent or Green Party candidate this time, I have a suggestion. In 2020, Bernie will be a young 78. If he still has the energy and desire, perhaps he will bypass the Democrats and mount a third party or independent challenge. I had been hoping I could count on Elizabeth Warren to fulfill that role if necessary but she defected to the neo-liberals and her new girlfriend, Hillary. Run, Bernie, Run to alter the Palin mantra of drill, baby, drill. We must not fold our tents in desperation and fade away. We have youth (and every demographic for that matter) on our side as well as that forgotten value: justice. We have a good number, 99%, many of whom one could hope will vote their economic and social justice requirements. It is time to counter the conservative drive to dumb down the population with an information campaign from the local to the national level. We must stay pure and on message.

One certainty: we have not heard the last of Bernie Sanders. It is only a matter of time. We shall overcome was true in the sixties as it is today, perhaps more now than ever. Stay steady: Bernie or Bust!